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Granth is a one-stop destination where imagination and ideas are brought to life, any and every content-related need is addressed. We pitch in vigorously with novel ideas to lend a hand when you run out of creativity. We are backed by 3+ years of intense work experience, yet our appetite to deliver excellence stimulates more than ever.

"If it is content-related, branding-related, or marketing-related, it is Granth-related!"


This role is played by our out-of-the-box thinkers who bring in endless propositions.


To conclude a plan, we intensely understand the brand, the culture, the market, and beyond. The idea which fits the best survives.


It’s the plan implementation stage where the best of the bests is carried out to drive results.


Repeat – from step 1. Why? It is paramount to cautiously monitor the upshots and make periodic alterations to continue seeing the desired results.

Our Values

Values that make us
who we are

We are driven by passion on our path of creativity, and that differentiates us from the other design companies.


Our ethos is signified by creativity. It is our propellant to growth. Through our creative endeavors, we seek to establish a place that caters to all your creative needs when it comes to branding, marketing, promotion, or designing.


We are driven by the need to create more and expand. We believe in converting the challenges presented to us by our clients into opportunities that pave the way to growth.


The culture of any organization is defined by how its employees are treated, and we believe that employee empowerment is organization empowerment. 


Being fiercely loyal to our clients and commitments helps us make decisions and take actions in their best interests. 


Our commitment to fulfilling our responsibilities takes us a step closer to excellence. We embrace the responsibilities bestowed upon us and take utmost accountability of our actions.

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Meet our Team

It’s about time we introduce you to the masterminds behind making Granth what it is. These creatures most likely have split personalities – geeky in front of the workstation, party animal otherwise. In the end, it all comes down to living life passionately, isn’t it?

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