MarComm Strategies

Marketing communications are the voice of a brand through which they address the customers directly and build long-term relationships. Positioning the brand is the ultimate objective here which is achieved through a strategic approach and consistency.

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List of the sub services

For all-round digital marketing, we offer numerous services to choose from. Depending on the product, one or more can be deployed for driving results.


Affiliate Marketing

An advertising model in which a company pays the affiliates for generating leads


Content Marketing

Plan, create and distribute content to the online audience for marketing


Digital Collaboration

A collaboration practice through devices and technology


Email Outreach

Creating and sending email marketing campaigns for positive results


Integrated Online Marketing Strategies

Creation of a uniform expression/message that is identifiable to the customer across all channels


Quality Link Building

The process that lets you acquire hyperlinks from other websites to your website, usually through backlinks



Usage of paid ads to target the traffic who left your website


Search Engine Marketing

Usage of digital marketing to increase a site’s visibility on the search result page


Search Engine Optimization

The process through which a site’s visibility is increased on the search result page


SMS Marketing

Usage of SMS service for spreading promotional services


Social Media Management

An analysis-based strategy for social media audience to build awareness and generate leads


Social Media Marketing

Using social media and social networks for marketing a brand’s products and services

Search Engine Optimization

Irrespective of how well content has been created, you would not get the desired outcome if it doesn’t go through SEO. To attract organic traffic, improving the quality and quantity of web traffic through search engines is much needed. There are steps taken for SEO and our team is an undefeated champion of the same.

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Another way to significantly alter the web traffic is through SEM. Using promotions and advertising, the search visibility of websites and blogs can be substantially increased. The objective here is to promote the website on the search engine results page.

Content Marketing

Through a strategic approach and putting articles, media, and posts to use, brand awareness can be increased manifold. This strategy is implemented to attract, engage and retain the audience with the help of valuable and consistent content.

Content Marketing

3 years... and counting

Granth has been in action unswervingly for the last three years. As a branding agency in Ahmedabad, we have gathered phenomenal experiences and created absorbing memories over time.


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Yes, we have been providing all these services over the years, lending our hand from every angle possible. If you need our assistance but unsure where to start, just get in touch – we will understand your need and choose a personalized approach for you.

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We Are Technoids

Tools and Technologies

For a smooth process, error-free execution, and guaranteed viability, we make optimum utilization of the technology and advanced tools


Google Ads

Google Analytics

Facebook Business Manager

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You could be a start-up pining for brand recognition or a big player looking for a soaring online presence – know that you are at the right place at the right time. Let’s connect; tell us about your needs - content development, design, or digital marketing, and we’ll be delighted to showcase our experience to you.

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Stratagy and Planing

A planned approach is the first step to a guaranteed favorable outcome


How we do this?

Creating a roadmap, understanding the goal, and deciding the means are undoubtedly the deciding factors as to how well the execution be. Failproof planning ensures you do receive the intended results. At Granth, we understand the role of blueprints in the success of any project.

  • We understand the product and customer
  • Research the market
  • Put the tools to use and create a campaign

How we differ

We are driven by passion on our path of creativity.
And that differentiates us from the other design companies.

What sets up apart though?

Our caravan is fueled by intense passion. And the path that we move on, it’s called tailored creativity. To date, we haven’t found that one size that fits all, and so we don’t have a secret model that fits all businesses. We rather believe in creating. Every. Single. Time. We utilize the tools and technological advancements to their very best and keep ourselves updated with the trends. This commitment pays off when we exceed our client’s expectations.


Our extended family

We have won the trust and hearts of many brands that we worked for. And while we work together, deeper connections are forged, and our family extends.


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