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Those who are thinking about building a brand are well aware of the power of content. At Granth, we take content creation very seriously as it’s a stepping stone; it can make or break the entire process.

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List of the sub services

Structured content is crucial in making the right first impression. Thus, we have multiple subcategories available depending on the business needs to leave no scope for failure.



A well-researched and articulated piece of information which shows more than it tells



A marketing tool typically used to sell a product or service


Campaign Conceptualization & Designing

Based on the scope of the project, the initial design of the chosen features is created


Case Studies

An in-depth study of a particular subject


Corporate Profiles

These profiles are a nut shell of the essential elements in an organization



It’s an electronic book, hence available in a digital format meant to be read on electronic devices


Elevator/Sales pitch

A short presentation that offers solutions to a client’s needs; intended to close a sale


Marketing Collaterals

The usage of advertising material and media to boost sales of a product


Newsletter & Infographics

A communication tool for sharing information and updates with the subscribers



One of the best ways to introduce, demonstrate, persuade, or present an idea or a product



We assist in pre-publication readiness by providing content, designs as well as proofreading


Technical Blogs

These are audience-focused articles providing value through technical knowledge and research to drive traffic to the website


Video/Audio Script

Be it informative script, a product demo or explainer video, we provide crisp scripts for video and audio both


Web Content

Textual content, usage of media and other graphics with a great design for establishing connection with the audience


White Papers

A precise report on a complex issue along with the proposed solution

Web Content

Web content is a vital part of a brand’s identity. A clear understanding of the brand and possible conversion of visitors to customers is what one seeks from the website. Great content for the website should showcase what exactly you do, what you’ve done, how you’ve done, and beyond. It’s textual, visual, and/or aural to ensure an immersive experience.

Web Content
Corporate Profiles

Corporate Profiles

A corporate profile aims to provide a summary of an organization’s structure. It’s designed for stakeholders or customers to get to know about the people, process, products & services, and current status of the organization.

Technical Blogs

As the name says, these blogs are more technical in nature, and thus require a Subject Matter Expert for writing it. Similarly, the target audience might also be needed to have certain prerequisite knowledge of the specific area. Through technical blogs, an organization plans to share its expertise over a topic or talk about its product in an easy-to-understand manner.

Technical Blogs

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Granth has been in action unswervingly for the last three years. As a branding agency in Ahmedabad, we have gathered phenomenal experiences and created absorbing memories over time.


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Yes, we have been providing all these services over the years, lending our hand from every angle possible. If you need our assistance but unsure where to start, just get in touch – we will understand your need and choose a personalized approach for you.

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We Are Technoids

Tools and Technologies

For a smooth process, error-free execution, and guaranteed viability, we make optimum utilization of the technology and advanced tools



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Stratagy and Planing

A planned approach is the first step to a guaranteed favorable outcome.


How we do this?

Creating a roadmap, understanding the goal, and deciding the means are undoubtedly the deciding factors as to how well the execution be. Failproof planning ensures you do receive the intended results. At Granth, we understand the role of blueprints in the success of any project.

  • SME is assigned
  • In-depth topic research
  • Raw draft created, client approval
  • Final content provided

How we differ

We are driven by passion on our path of creativity.
And that differentiates us from the other design companies.

What sets up apart though?

Our caravan is fueled by intense passion. And the path that we move on, it’s called tailored creativity. To date, we haven’t found that one size that fits all, and so we don’t have a secret model that fits all businesses. We rather believe in creating. Every. Single. Time. We utilize the tools and technological advancements to their very best and keep ourselves updated with the trends. This commitment pays off when we exceed our client’s expectations.


Our extended family

We have won the trust and hearts of many brands that we worked for. And while we work together, deeper connections are forged, and our family extends.


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