Atul Bakery

eCommerce Website and content design for an omnichannel bakery

Atul Bakery

Established originally in 2001, Atul started with a vision to provide the cherishable experience of a bakery that customers have always wished for. Since the beginning, Atul Bakery’s focus was solely on providing fresh and qualitative baked items. After having penetrated the market has gathered 20 years of experience, they have expanded to over 200+ chains of bakery stores nationwide.

  • IndustryFMCG
  • Year2020 onwards

Services Offered

  • E-commerce Website with Hyperlocal Omnichannel Delivery
  • Website Content
  • Website launch video


  • To deliver on both planned and unplanned requirements submitted by the client
  • deliver unplanned website development requirements on time
  • Provide product launch video


Despite being in the bakery business for more than 20 years, Atul Bakery didn’t have a strong online presence. This was because their existing website lagged behind in terms of functionality, design, and content. To bring their products and core values in focus, it was important to completely restructure the website from scratch and give it a 360-degree makeover. To expand their business nationwide and internationally, it was a prerequisite to have a functional and qualitative website.

  • To showcase their core offerings and their legacy through content.
  • Deliver a fully revamped online platform that delivered in terms of both user experience and functionality.
  • Integrating real-time tracking features and cake delivery functionalities


We delivered the website within only three months. The client appreciated us for the timely execution of the project, including the planned and unplanned requirements.


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