World's largest soft-drink concentrate manufacturer


Started its journey three and half decades ago, Rasna has become one of the largest manufacturers of instant drinks. Currently, products of Rasna are giving fruitful indulgence in 53+ countries. Individual ownership is in the core values of Rasna’s success, which why Rasna is soaring skies with 22% SDC Market shares. Rasna is delivering uncompromised quality offerings with currently having 1.6 million products available at all the outlets of Rasna.

  • IndustryFMCG
  • Year2022

Services Offered

  • Packaging
  • Merchandise
  • Exhibitions
  • Label Design
  • Stall Design


  • Cater to all requirements from translation to packaging adaption
  • Exhibition branding with precision and value addition
  • Instead of multiple agencies, they focused on single agency communication so we had to adapt to many SOPs


  • Adapting to the legacy methods for a global brand
  • Being a multinational work, translation had to be precise and per the localities
  • Scattered data and limited room for creativity in design
  • Starting from scratch is easier than continuing with an established tone of a brand


  • Provided advertising solution and designed collaterals in a brief time
  • Having worked with many creative agencies – big & small – we found Granth refreshingly different. The Granth team is always bubbling with new ideas, they have inexhaustible patience and they deliver on time. It’s a truly a pleasure to work with this young agency.
    – Raj Pinjani, Director, Rasna International

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