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Best Exhibition Stall Designing Process at Granth

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Best Exhibition Stall Designing Process at Granth

B2B tradeshows or B2C exhibitions open up several opportunities to reach new markets and generate marketing leads. Exhibitions and trade shows have proven to expand corporate visibility, market presence, and client base in India and at the international level. Manufacturers in sectors such as FMCG and Engineering industries can increase their business by receiving more business through general marketing efforts by attending trade shows and exhibitions. It is an opportunity for service providers to expand their presence in their target market.

With so many expectations and consequences riding on your exhibition success, not to mention the costs, you’d want to design a booth that attracts and impresses. But when we work with traditional stall designing services, fabrication is frequently handled in conventional methods. Such a team might pick one of their template designs, which would include your logo and company colors and a few adjustments. With this, you would have no competitive advantage. What you need is a well-planned, custom design that resonates with your brand so that you can stand out, make your presence felt, and be recognized.

Finding the best exhibition stall designer can be challenging but not impossible. At Granth, our team of graphic designers has rich experience in designing perfect exhibitions stalls on time. Here, we’re sharing our experience of stall designing for one of our prestigious clients, “Rasna”.

Our team has handled multiple exhibition stall designing projects for them successfully. The Exhibition stall design process is influenced by booth location, stall size, space availability, and proximity to competitors. Here are some pointers and suggestions to help you get the information and insights regarding stall designing.

Best use of area

Exhibitions are a great way to get your products and services displayed in front of a large audience. The space you use to create your stall determines how much attention it attracts and what kind of perception people get when passing by. Visitors are intimidated or frustrated by your stalls if the space is cluttered with things everywhere. There are many types of stall patterns like two sides open exhibition stall design or three sides open exhibition stall design etc., pick what is best for your space.

We divided the showcase into four panels for Rasna’s stall. Customers are more inclined to linger longer at your presentation for a closer inspection if the ambiance appears friendly and well-organized. Hence, Rasna juice, instant juice mix pouches & health well-being products were displayed clearly to the audience in their booth.

Incorporating Branding and Advertising components

The goal of creating an exhibition booth or stand for your company is to assist you in attracting potential clients, making positive impressions, and enhancing customer interest in your business. There will be a lot of walk-ins from your target market groups, and for some of them, the exhibition experience may be their first encounter with your brand, your company, and everything it has to offer.

It is a critical opportunity to raise brand recognition while enhancing your brand’s identity and image. The characteristics that make your visitors value your brand should be included in the design.

For Rasna, our exhibition stall designer made a compelling and engaging stall. We share their logo on the roof & reception to grasp visitors’ attention from far or front. They can instantly locate the brand through the logo. Along with the logo, the brand ambassador of Rasna display is also included in our advertising strategy to make our client’s booth more attractive.

Advance Design elements

Your design’s every aspect should leave an indelible effect on the visitors. Use soothing color combinations in the most eye-catching way possible to achieve this. Skilled stall design services can provide attractive design suggestions concerning the brand’s aim. At such events, the competition is fierce to be the best among the rest. As a result, incorporating enticing colors, styles, and technologies into your stall might help you raise the bar in the exhibiting game. To improve the show stall plan, use open lighting plans. Backdrop illumination and proper lighting placement give your display stand a mystical feel. You could use Visualize, and 3d model displays like our artists did with Rasna’s exhibition stall. Many superb graphics designs and HD pictures create an immersive user experience.

Make Budget

An exhibition is a fantastic way for businesses to showcase their goods and services. However, if not well planned, it can be rather costly. A proper budget plan can manage those expenses.

When you hire expert exhibition design services, you can choose from a variety of top-notch exhibition stall design alternatives to help you leave a lasting impression on all visitors. A professional exhibition design firm will provide you with excellent design ideas while staying within your budget, but it’s vital to designate a range rather than a specific sum. There are usually some minor variations because of the various materials and goods used. It is not practical to calculate the costs with precision.

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t be. Granth is the one-stop destination for all marketing needs, including exhibition stall design. It has been the best-devoted partner with many firms and offered fantastic exhibition design services with other marketing missions. We have a team of expert artists and designers who can provide full-service design for exhibitions and events.

Our goal is to answer all of your exhibition design demands in the most innovative way possible so that you get the most out of our services and meet your exhibition goals, regardless of your budget. Share your requirements, and we’ll get in touch.

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