When a Facebook post reached to 167k people with over 1.4k likes without spending a single penny through quality content


KhedutPay technology-based platform that is purposely built for the welfare of farmers, providing them essential products online. This unique startup from Gujarat offers a framework for farmers, freeing them from all the troubles affecting their work, boosting the Indian economy significantly.

  • IndustryInformation Technology
  • Year2019-20

Services Offered

  • Logo Design
  • Tagline
  • Website Design and Content
  • Anthem Song
  • Mascot
  • App Architecture


The idea of serving our farmers who work for us day and night is excellent and innovative. But setting foot in the industry with such an all-embracing plan requires something extraordinary. When Team KhedutPay got in touch with us, the company was looking for an agency that could render all their demands. From an attractive logo, an engaging tagline, easy-to-understand website content, a heartfelt anthem song, to a classic mascot, they wanted it all to make a striking entry in the industry.


We knew how critical it was to craft a strategy for KhedutPay to connect with their market. It was a matter of their first impression. The following were the challenges we faced:

  • Adapt dialect to write compelling content for Tier-2, Town and Village audience
  • To Keep track of all possible updates from Farmer communities
  • Brand positioning (Whether to keep it farmer-centric or technology-centric)


With all our creative strategies, KhedutPay not only saw an impressive response from the industry but from farmers as well. We were successful in giving the appeal, voice, and essence to their brand.

  • Team KhedutPay was thrilled with the results.
  • An appealing logo for a newly – established brand
  • A mascot that perfectly portrays our farmers – website design and content, because, through this, people find you
  • Anthem Song, a cherry on the top

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