Shades & Shapes

Lead a brand to its potential customers through Digital Marketing Strategies

Shades & Shapes

Carrying an experience of around a decade, Shades and Shapes has commendably established its reputation as an unmatched team of designers, draftsmen,and 3D Renderers. Dedicated to adding life to every corner of their client’s home and work-spaces, S&S approached us for a comprehensive digital marketing strategy and execution.

  • IndustryArchitect
  • Year2021 onwards

Services Offered

  • Website Design & Development
  • Social Media Management
  • Merchandise
  • Case Studies
  • Video Content
  • Youtube Channel Management


Our main goal was to explain in a clear and appealing manner what Shades & Shapes does for existing and potential clients in a way that engages them to contact S&S and approach them with clear-cut preferences.

Some secondary goals were:

  • Handling their both brands, Shades & Shapes and Rhombic Designs
  • Build their website and maintain low drop-off rate on their website



  • Capturing customer data
  • Clarifying the brand’s message
  • Developing a dynamic and responsive website
  • Efficient Social Media Management
  • Crucial collateral designing and development
  • Provide decision-making assistance and become an information influencer


Increase in business value with its roots firmed in the market

  • Impactful advertising of the brand through eye catching content
  • Growth of substantial employers branding for potential employees
  • Animated videos and unique marketing collaterals for creating a unique impact

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