Tarang Innovative Solutions LLP

Providing a 360 degree marketing solution to an electric vehicle company

Tarang Innovative Solutions LLP

Tarang Innovative Solutions LLP is among the fastest-growing electric vehicle manufacturers in the country, especially in the electric bicycles segment. Its products are slowly becoming the talk of the town due to their eco-friendly nature and attractive design. a

  • IndustryAutomobile (Electric Vehicles)
  • Year2019

Services Offered

  • Logo
  • Corporate Profile
  • Brochure
  • Stall Design
  • Website Design
  • Marketing Collateral


Tarang Innovative Solutions LLP was struggling to find the right place in the market, and this is where we had seen its actual potential. Since we were confident about the potential aspects of the company, we happily associated ourselves with the brand.

  • Carve a 360-degree marketing strategy for Tarang
  • Connect them with their potential customers


The company intended to take innovative measures to curb the problem of pollution, but it was struggling to make an impact in the market. They were clueless about their branding and promotion strategies before their launch.

  • Adaption of modern branding tactics
  • Traditional business mind
  • Local recognition


It was amazing to see the brand getting the much-desired attention and the grand launch it deserved. Our association with the brand proved to be a fruitful deal for both of us. Their aspirations were fulfilled, and our true expertise was showcased. This was a clear win-win for both of us.


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