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Creative Packaging Design | ATTRACT More Customers (2022)

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Creative Packaging Design | ATTRACT More Customers (2022)

Creative package design is the key to attracting more customers.  How can a business work upon its product packaging?

Here are some aspects that a business must keep in mind while designing the packaging of its product.

1. The packaging must provide information about a product/service

Creative packaging gives more information about a product/service. For instance, here is the packaging of Nescafe. The packaging clearly says “Signature Blend”.


Image Source: Indiamart

Let’s take the case of a company that sells food products. The size, weight, energy, and fat content of a product are important elements of product packaging.

Imagine that you’re looking for hair supplements. You’ll want to buy a hair supplement product that clearly explains the various vitamins that one can obtain from it.

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2. The packaging must be aesthetically appealing for the viewer

Would a child pick up a toy with a black-and-white color scheme or a toy whose packaging has many colors in it?

A colorful product packaging attracts a child. A child judges a product based on its packaging rather than its functionality.

To some degree, we still make our first impressions about a product by looking at its packaging. A customer who shops for groceries in the market has a limited amount of time. Unless the packaging can convey a message, the brand loses out on the ability to sell the product.

The product must be attractive. Brands can accomplish this goal through color schemes, fonts, and text size. Shapes and textures make a box design unique.


Image Source: Hamley’s website

3. Brands must evoke certain emotions

Brands must evoke emotions. Let’s explain this with the help of an example.

A young child feels a sense of excitement while looking at the packaging of a new toy. The packaging depicts the bricks that are present within the package.


Image Source: Snapdeal

4. Good packaging clarifies its target audience

Imagine that you’re in a store and you’re looking for deodorants.

You look at many deodorants that are available in the market. Unfortunately, you’re unable to understand whether the deodorants target men or women.

You are confused and you decide to look for deodorants in another store.

In this case, the packaging of the deodorant is to blame. If the packaging of the deodorants made its target audience clear, you could’ve purchased them.


Image Source: Amazon

5. The packaging of a product must be convenient

The packaging of a product must be in such a way that it becomes convenient for the target audience to use it.

Many brands focus solely on how they can make their packaging more creative. In the quest to be creative, they forget that their packaging must make the product easy to use.

A small mistake can lead to a brand losing out on thousands of dollars. A customer might appreciate the taste of a fruit juice, but choose another juice if he/she is unfamiliar with its packaging.

Let’s take the case of the company that sells fruit juice, Paper Boat.

Paper Boat’s packaging includes a small caption under the bottle. Instead of one caption, there are several captions that one can read by buying multiple fruit juices of the brand.

Paper Boat positions itself as a brand that sells flavors like Jaljeera or Aamras. These flavors are not common in the fruit juice market.

Opening a paper boat bottle is not an easy task. This is where Paper Boat risks losing out on its market share. A customer has to spend time trying to open the juice, in comparison to its competitors like Tropicana.


Image Source: Amazon

6. The product must be kept safe through well-planned packaging

The packaging of a product must secure the product within the package. Creativity is unlikely to take a brand very far if a product gets ruined.

Products like cakes or donuts can easily break into pieces. When a brand sells such products, the box design must ensure that the product does not fall from the box.

Brands ship some products to customers in many cities or to customers living in other countries. In such cases, the reputation of a brand may be at stake if a customer discovers a product in a bad condition. It may be tough for the customer to get a replacement for his/her product in such a scenario.

Multi-layer packaging can be used to make sure that a product is durable. For instance, delivery aggregators like Amazon and Flipkart package products in multiple layers. This method of packaging is more suited for customers who wish to buy a product from an e-commerce store. A physical store such as a gift shop may not prefer to use multi-layer packaging. Customers visiting physical stores want to look and feel the product before making a purchase decision. A strategy that works for online channels is unlikely to work for offline channels.


Image Source: Alibaba

7. Packaging must associate with an individual’s qualities

Customers want to purchase products that show people what their personalities are.

One example of customers buying products of a brand that they wish to associate with is Nike. Nike promotes itself as a brand for free-spirited individuals that look for adventure in their lives. Customers who participate in sports competitions or athletic races are attracted to Nike. Similarly, Redbull showcases itself as a brand that is meant for people who wish to take part in extreme sports. The two red bulls on Redbull’s can are symbols that showcase one’s competitive spirit.


Image Source: Indiamart

Packaging can show one’s prestige. Consider brands like Raymond that sell silk suits. The box in which the suits are kept neatly is targeted towards customers who wish to be associated with a highly reputed brand.

image 26

Image Source: Flipkart

The most brilliant packaging design is Hamley’s toy rockets. Everything from the beautiful typography to the background design is well-planned and executed.

According to you, what is the most crucial characteristic of effective packaging design? What is your favorite package from the ones above? Let us know in the comments below!

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