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Webinar Writing: Engage your audience till END (2022)

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Webinar Writing: Engage your audience till END (2022)

Webinar as a lead generating tool

A Webinar is a great online tool for generating leads for B2B marketing agencies or brands in general. Webinars are the best practices for such agencies or brands. That doesn’t mean one should use it every time. Webinar needs to have some content that adds to your value. Repetitive topics tend to degrade the value of the agency or brand. You can produce a webinar on a new specific topic or a panel discussion on an issue in the market.

Remember, do it only if it has some productive value for your customers or market in general. Let’s talk about what is a webinar and how it works. A webinar is a seminar on the web with all attendees coming together on an online platform to lecture, discuss and exchange facts, ideas, and opinions. Generally, an agency or brand produces or organizes it on an online platform where attendees can join and interact as if it were a seminar.

How to create a webinar

Creating a webinar is simple where you can use platforms like Zoom or Google Meet to organize such an event. You may need to decide the format of the webinar, it can be one or more of the followings:

  • A lecture or presentation by an expert
  • A panel discussion
  • A tutorial
  • A Q & A session

Once you decide the format of the webinar, you may need to appoint persons for various duties. Such as,

  • Speaker: an expert who may speak on a particular topic
  • Moderator: a person who may moderate a discussion of a panel
  • Technical person: a technician who may help attendees with technical problems

Assigning such roles helps in running the webinar smoothly.

There are various parts or elements of webinars that you should keep in mind:

  • Registration: To get attendees you may need to promote the webinar through all your channels, email lists, and contacts. Consider sending an invitation to relatable persons who may be interested in your webinar. 
  • Introduction & salutation: in the introduction, the organizer should appoint an anchor who can introduce the topic of the webinar and speaker or panel without wasting much time. It would be better if she can outline the event beforehand so the audience will know what’s coming next.
  • Speech/Presentation: the central part of a webinar is the discussion, presentation, or speech given by the expert of a group of experts. For this, they may need to write a script of what they are going to say, what points they will speak upon, and how they will deliver it. Rehearsing is also needed so time duration is observed.
  • Q & A session: there has to be a session of question answers during or after the main speech or presentation. Handling and choosing questions and answering them, in brief, will get the audience satisfied. One should always leave ten to fifteen minutes for this session after the presentation or speech.

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How to make the best webinar presentations

Most of the webinars are presentations. It is needed to understand the format of the webinar and utilize it most. It is not an in-person medium. Every attendee would be at separate geographical locations. They might be watching it on a laptop or smartphone. Keeping this in mind here are some tips on how to create presentations for a webinar:

That means you may need to keep slides as tidy and simple as possible. Don’t overload it with information. Keep one point in a slide. Use minimum words, use bigger and bolder fonts. It will be better if you use a monochrome background for the slides.

Don’t use much animation, transition, or object. The reason for this is connectivity and network speed which might vary at different places. The animation-heavy presentations can feel lagging in webinars.

Talk about points given within each slide in your decided time duration, and rehearse it for perfection. Remove unnecessary points and examples. Tell a story via your presentation.

Be ready for questions, list out possible questions or queries, and try to include answers in the presentation before finalizing it.

Check the internet connectivity, tools like a microphone or headset before the webinar, and also keep a battery backup in case of an electricity shortage.

A webinar is a virtual seminar, nonetheless, treat it like a seminar and thank organizers and attendees, speakers, experts, etc for their interest and time. 

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