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What is the role of translation and the objectives of translation services?

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What is the role of translation and the objectives of translation services?

Communication knows no boundaries, and so does the content you’re producing. Be it a service or a product that you’re trying to sell, the more people it reaches, the better!

People from different linguistic backgrounds are in constant touch with each other, and that’s where translation services become superheroes!

At Granth, we understand the importance of translation and we are not your average translation squad. With a modern approach and global standards, we strive to deliver 99% accuracy.

Despite the linguistic complexities, project scopes, or the most nerve-wracking deadlines, we thrive on these challenges, providing the best translation services in India.

The Objective of Translation Services Provider:

  • The main objective of translation services is to convey the meaning of the source text, accurately.
  • The text translated shall be clear and easy to understand.
  • Translated text should take care not to cause any misinterpretation or offence to the target audience.
  • To meet the deadline is a must because that marks a key value of a good translation service provider.
  • Maintaining the confidentiality and security of the project plays a vital role in determining the quality of the translation service provider.

How Translation Services can be an asset to your company?

To expand your business, you need to produce content that is understandable to your customers. To reach a global market, being multilingual with content is important. Translation services help in speaking the language of your customers.

  • Synergy for SEO:
    When you start producing global content, your business/service starts being seen in a wider range. It helps in getting discovered by users searching in multiple languages.
  • Building blocks of Trust and Credibility:
    When you are producing content in a language that the user is comfortable in, there’s an instant relation that emerges. Whereas, when the user does not see content in a known language, there’s an instant disinterest.
  • Global Reach, Local Appeal:
    Which language might be an outsider language for you, is a local language for someone else, and that’s the charm of it. While catering to the local market, the translated content you offer can play a hit for you.
  • The future of Communication is multilingual:
    If you want to stay ahead and fit into the digital sphere, translation services can be your MVP!

Importance of Translation Services:

  • If you’re aiming for a Global Business reach, translation services are important for you. It helps you reach a wider audience and gain more popularity.
  • When your content is multilingual, there’s more room for appreciation and understanding, which boosts the confidence to keep doing better. It also enables your ideas to flow beyond your linguistic boundaries.
  • In healthcare & law, clear communication has a lasting impact. Translation Services make information available to a larger audience, which goes a long way for your business
  • In times of crisis, especially global crises, translation services play a major role in passing on important information to the public.
  • A larger audience can be catered to with translation services. You can target special target audiences as well and expect a good response.

Our Translation Services:

The top-notch services provided by us make us the best translation service provider company

  • Translation
    Best, Accurate, High-Quality & Certified translation services
  • Localization
    Culturally adaptive services while making sure the target market resonates with it.
  • Interpretation
    Bridge language barriers and foster growth effectively.
  • DTP
    We can help you turn your documents into visually appealing printables.
  • Audio Visual
    Deliver information with visually captivating content in addition to appealing audio elements
  • Multilingual SEO
    Let us help you rank better on search engines.
  • Content Writing
    Our squad can turn your information into engaging and unique articles.
  • Transcription
    Let us convert your spoken words into written records.

If you’re from the Industry below, we can help you:


Why Choose Granth?

Our Expertise mixed with our experience gives us a cut above the rest. The professional team of translators at Granth are highly skilled and well-versed in various languages and industry niches.

Accurate translation with quality that creates a lasting impact & gains trust.

Diversity in Language
Our multitude of language & service offerings will help you reach the local audience as well as create distinctive relationships across the globe.

Industry Knowledge
We are not just accurate with translation but our professionals are rich in knowledge of various industries and make sure that your audience can resonate with the content.

Maximum security
We ensure your data is not leaked and take measures to keep documents safe.

Every client has the USPs that make them unique individually, for which we call our customized solutions our MVP. We bring custom-made solutions to the table for you, no matter which industry you come from.

Global connection
Our contacts are overseas which gives us a lead to take your business expansion international. We are furnished to manage your global communication needs effectively.

We offer the following:

  • Book Translation Services
  • Document Translation
  • Website localization
  • Technical Translation
  • Business Translation
  • Medical Translation

To give you the scoop…

The ultimate wingman for your business’s global reach is Translation! Let’s come together to rewrite the rule of translation together, one language at a time.

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