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Brand Storytelling is the future of Marketing

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Brand Storytelling is the future of Marketing

Starting from the black revolution to white, from traditional vehicles to advanced automation, each dawn brings a new rise in the human era’s evolution. But the most superior one is humanity. It is something that has been taught to us as a value in School and also by our parents. However, still, we have to keep reminding ourselves of the primary duty to be done as a human being, thus saving us touched and gratified, and this has been done so well by the internet.

In this developmental world, the business cannot become a faceless entity. To thrive, a company needs to connect with its customer and establish a genuine connection, thus making them believe in your brand and the message. The targeted audience is to be engaged at a deeper level, therefore trusting you and your brand.

A great way to approach is Brand storytelling. An approach that brand clubs with facts and sentimental value. It gives shape to a dull and boring piece of information. This outlook shows the customer why to buy a product or service. It explains why this product exists and its impact on their customer’s lives and how it becomes a part of their lives, thus communicating in a cohesive narrative way. According to storytelling statistics done by headstream, if people love a brand story, 55% are more likely to buy the product,44% will share the story, and 15% will immediately buy the product.

Dove’s brand storytelling campaign, “You are more beautiful than you think” is one of the classic campaigns I have ever seen. It shows how other people see the flaws you see in you as a beauty they adore. 


The other brand storytelling example I love the most is GoPro. We all know how their cameras have given new sights to see the world. But their 2014 campaign of how a firefighter saved a kitten from a smoke-filled home has given them the modern edge. The whole story happened to be recorded, and this Story took GoPro to a new height.

What defines Great brand stories?

When brand storytelling is marketed well,

  • Clarifies what your company’s core is and what is their vision, mission, as well as values, stated.
  •  Storytelling is all about an experience that is summed up in a way so that a customer can exceed a monotonous reality.
  • What content you choose is significant as it will establish a bond that will help the customer step into the brand’s feel. And for this content is to be made in a manner that your customer feels the need and understands the value of your product/ services and a sense that if they do not follow or sign up, they will miss a sublime experience that the brand has to offer.
  • And last but not least, it will increase your lead generation.

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Summing up memorability, persuasiveness, and engage ability will incorporate a magnificent story building into your digital marketing efforts. In the sea of madness, you have to be unforgivable, and for this, you have to cater to people with the pure magic of experience that your brand can only offer. Whether you are trying to convince them that they can’t live without tasty munchkins or financial services to help secure their family, a long-lasting relationship and quality impression of your brand have more worth than with audience and sales. It’s through the way you tell your story and what you are selling to impact.

Here are four reasons why brand storytelling is the future of marketing.

  • Stand out from the ordinary.

What message do you want to deliver to, and what you want to be remembered for? These are the key questions to be asked yourself to pull the heartstring of your customer. Millions of content are created every day and put online, giving you fierce competition. Businesses are spending a hefty amount globally to grab a few seconds of their customers and make their brand stand out from others.

Consider the emotion you want to provoke in your audience every time they connect with your brand. What touches the heart stays forever.

Check out this marketing success story by Gillette, showing that the boys today will be the men of tomorrow. Teach them the best.  This add shows how a brand should use their product and connect it emotionally with their consumer. 


Disney Park tried to do something different with this duck add. The story is about how a duck finds a Donald duck storybook and gets bewildered with the character. This touches the heart and captures the magical experience of Disneyland. Look at this brand video storytelling:

  • Build a loyal community

While creating a story, it is essential to think about what your audience truly seeks from you besides your product or service.

Take Tesla, for example. They sell technology, even from the start, their audience needs to be encouraged to be brave, bold, and think differently from the crowd. They need to feel that it’s worthwhile to support sustainable energy and the environment. The brand has given the courage to change the lookout of their audience.

Change your customer’s perspective by giving them an experience of your product/services, realizing your brand can fix their problem. This way, you can get success and follow along, loyal customers who will come wanting for more.

Have a look at this brand video storytelling from Land Rover. It shows how people of Maneybhanjang are connected emotionally with their old Land Rover and how their experience with driving. Landrover has made their loyal advocates who will drive and purchase Land Rover every time as they have given the enjoyable feeling about the car.

Another excellent example of loyal customers is Starbucks. Starbucks has its page for stories where they listen, create, and share their stories. They show how their coffee company is all about people, and each person has their own story. This is a great platform where people can share their stories and stay in touch with the brand.

  • Humanity and money should go hand in hand.

When you outburst a message through your brand, you generate leads and create a significant impact on people’s minds; hence you have to make sure it conveys rightfully.

Remember the racist ad of Fair & lovely? For generations, that ad has made the Indian mentality believe that fairness is superior. With the new revolution, the company had been forced to rename its product to Fair & Lovely, thus ending the taboo of racism.


Consumers tend to move towards brands that feel more human. According to the global empathy index, the top listed companies that keep humanity in mind are among the most profitable and fastest-growing. 

Have a look at this Hyundai campaign. With the situation of Pandemic going on this ad shows how humanity has prevailed in such a vulnerable and fragile condition. Humans have come together, found ways to communicate because this has made us grow and progress.

Also, have a look at this Apple ad. We all know Apple has a loyal customers who will promote their product. They have connected people on an emotional level and have made them their fans. This is an ideal ad that shows no matter at what growth stage you are in or which industry you belong to, the human element should be maintained in your brand.

  •  Could you keep it simple?

Remember the Pepsi- Kendal Jenner ad outrage? Sometimes a brand makes a mistake by overdoing a campaign resulting in an outburst in society. 

Convey a shorter message but a clear one. Give your brand voice and identity. The art of storytelling requires something bounding that can catch people with enthusiasm, making it easy for them to experience and connect with it. This way, you will spread the word clearer and louder.

Look at the following example of GoPro again. This ad shows who they indeed are and what they want to convey effortlessly. Millions have loved this ad, as it is all about community and sharing. GoPro has captured people by engaging them in their various features and interests, thus getting loyal customers.

Another excellent brand story that works is Airbnb. Airbnb has simply shown how it is trusted worldwide for unique accommodations for rich travel experiences.

 Airbnb has challenged the hotel industry and is doing wonders in the market. They have their site called “Belong anywhere” that helps customers to build an affiliation with the brand and overcome an issue of the questions such as who will be the people I will be staying with and what will the experience be? This blog got all the answers. This is an excellent simple approach to help consumers and increase loyalty. 


an art that requires ages to master, but once done, it is the most powerful tool for practical education and your brand. We grew up listening to stories from our grandparents in School; hence we are genetically wired to love and respond to stories. A remarkable brand story is what people need to feel connected to your product, have a long-lasting positive impression of who you are and what you stand for, and become loyal clients.

Let your brand touch the sky of success

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