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The Art of Brand Storytelling

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The Art of Brand Storytelling

The story is a poetic effort to grab the attention of human beings. Humans get immediately connected with Stories around him. The reason why storytelling is a great way of expressing things; it establishes emotional response and meaningful connections. Marketing is not about the stuff that you produce, but about the stories that you tell. Brand stories make it more memorable and worth and set its business apart.

Stories have always been a powerful tool for human communication. To read a story is to feel an experience and to synchronize our minds with the subject of the story. The simpler the story, the better the impact. If you want to ensure that your story ‘stays’ in the consumer’s mind, keep it simple and authentic. Most importantly for today’s distracted audiences, brand stories pull your potential audience into your marketing. The power of stories helps build brand trust.

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Around all the cacophony amongst us, brand stories build an emotional connection with the target audience. It identifies the core values of a company and creates faith in the minds of consumers. But not every consumer needs to have a personal tale to make them feel connected to the brand. Exactly at that juncture, brand stories come and take a walk.

The idea is the core thing of good Brand storytelling. Without being boring, irrelevant, and preachy, what matters is how we have interwoven the story web. Data Mining is the new ‘in thing’ nowadays for all small and medium enterprises. In house teams or an agency dig the internet, use data mining to understand it’s the target group. Data helps them to improve and optimize their Marketing and Communication strategy. Brand Stories are the heart and soul of Content Marketing. Companies always try to cope up with the speed of consumers’ minds and taste change. Content Specialists, Data Scientists, Digital Marketing experts, and Software Developers evolve with time and trends.

History of Storytelling stays in the undiluted brand values. The behavior, communication, and action must echo with the heart and mind of consumers. When experience carves into words, it directly goes inside customers’ brains. Thousands of years ago when human beings were living in caves, even at that time they were used to create graffiti on walls, create stories and myths to make fellow people understand. Even today we can see so much stuff and infographics on walls at sites like Lothal, Mohenjo Daro, Giza, and Cairo. I remember the lines of the Tyrion Lannister from the Game of Thrones Last Episode that showcasing the power of Good Stories.


In the modern era, customers are more aware and alert than ever before. They have the internet, they have the best online shopping platforms and search engines, review portals, and user guides. You have to carve unique storytelling of your brand which makes them feel unique, out of the box, and personalized. Brand Storytelling is more about what consumers are having in store for them, rather than just chest-thumping about the brand itself.

The keys to creating compelling Brand Storytelling is to have a thorough understanding, planning of campaigns, consistent review, and analytics of the campaign is a must. Brand, Products/Services, Consumers, and Employees are four distinct pillars of brand storytelling.

Now, let’s plunge into some of the very interesting and Best Branding Companies and that too Indian Brand Storytelling examples which compel us to think beyond our imagination! Corporate Stories at it’s best!


Taking a stand and speaking out tall in the market is not an easy task to play! In 2019, Gillette had designed a campaign called ‘We Believe’. The campaign was based on Men around the world, saying let’s be better. Let’s be more responsible and trash the toxic masculine behavior which is there more or less for ages.The moral of the story is, when a brand takes a stand, when they talk about social issues and forget about just making money, chances of embracing the brand by people tend to get even higher in many folds. People around India and World saw the entire video of ‘We Believe’ 33 million in just 1 month of its release. Needless to say that apart from YouTube, the video went viral on WhatsApp big time in India.

Imperial Blue

It’s India and that too a liquor brand! Oh Gosh! ‘Men will be Men’ is the ultimate example of how certain social issues and mentality talk can create a huge impact on a brand. The Television Commercials (TVC) showed various edits featuring Two men facing a charming lady in the lift, trying to help a woman to repair the car, stalk woman in the supermarket, voyeur a sexy nurse in a hospital in presence of their respective wives! Imperial Blue struck the right chord and took a humorous way to tell the story about how men behave in the presence of women, how a man thinks about the opposite sex, and always in favor of pursuing it. The jingle ‘Pyaar ki aag mein jalnaa’  became one of the most popular lines even amongst women around us….

Bingo Mad Angles

ITC’s brand Bingo has become huge now, from the beginning they have positioned the brand as ‘Mad’, ‘No Logic’, and Hunger & Taste have no bars. Storytelling has got altogether new face when series of Bingo Mad Angles advertisements started to roll. A boss’s point of view looking at the triangle of Bingo, A Jailer is freeing prisoners giving packs of Mad Angles assuring that they will come back on their own for Bingo, a man who is funnily checking the integrity of Potatoes asking ‘Where is Achche Aaloo?’ Bingo Mad Angles are the classic example of how a brand can be the wackiest one can ever think of!

Fresh Feel Sanitary Pads

There comes the Indian brand which came forward to tell the new story about Menstruations and break the taboo of Periods amongst teenage girls. The beautifully carved message opens with the discomfort being shown by a girl going to school and her mother assuring her that girls in your age have a new name of comfort, ‘Fresh Feel’. Getting used to periods, and all other challenges related to menstruation becomes a little easier and familiar with their sanitary pads. This brand storytelling opened a whole new dimension on Periods and Women in India.


Google has done so many things about how storytelling can become the best way of marketing. Finding an address, contact details, or a geography nerd finding the right maps to find his favorite bakery or a singer who forgets lyrics and takes the help of Google to find the right lyrics of a song. Google has carved its ever-popular and relevant doodles where they talk about social issues, great personalities, paying tributes, and many more things. Consumers have become habitual of Google in every possible way, with the positioning and brand storytelling style of Google.

Social Media has given new shape and platform to brand storytelling and believe us, brand storytelling is here to stay and even more flourish in days to come. Brand Storytelling has become an integral part of the Content Marketing Cycle. Selling noodles is not enough, but talking about hostel life, mother’s care, daughter’s dare in the kitchen, the tangy taste of Maggi Masala are all part of brand storytelling. It is a matter of associating with the brand most faithfully!

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