Dr. Kartik Slimming Clinic

Served exceptional media collateral and merchandise solutions to a slimming clinic

Dr. Kartik Slimming Clinic

Dr. Kartik Slimming Clinic – DKS is amongst the most advanced weight loss clinics in Ahmedabad. They give unique, professionally directed, effective weight loss and diet programs to their clients.

  • IndustryMedical
  • Year2019

Services Offered

  • Standee
  • Banner
  • Newspaper ads
  • Social Media Creatives


The clinic provided well-equipped weight loss and several other services but came up short to reach potential customers.

  • Provide promotion and branding strategies
  • Render round the clock support


DKS was doing well in its domain but encountered problems formulating and executing an effective brand communication strategy. They were attempting to figure out a way to reach a more significant crowd creatively, which is why they approached us.


In several days of the promotional projects, DKS earned a bunch of consideration all over Ahmedabad. There was impressive growth in the crowd inflow. Our strategy supported Dr. Kartik’s Slimming Clinic to get the desired attention, and cases started coming in reasonable numbers.


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