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Everything is in the name, and logo, too!

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Everything is in the name, and logo, too!

A Tale of Trademark Troubles, Jethalal, and Unexpected Branding

A few months ago, we received a photo that stopped us mid-scroll. There, in all its crispy, golden fried, was a vadapav foodtruck having a logo suspiciously identical to ours. Our very own ‘Granth’ logo, a symbol of carefully crafted branding, was being used to sell Mumbai’s favorite street food somewhere in Surat.


The Curious Case of Conflict

We quickly tracked down the vadapav vendor and gave him a call. We explained the situation, throwing around ભારે ભારે words like “trademark,” “copyright infringement,” and “legal action.” But our stern lecture was met with an unexpected response.

The vendor poured out his heart. He told us about his son’s rare illness, his mother’s costly medical treatments, and how he ended up selling vadapav after a failed diploma career. The stall was named ‘Granth’ after his son, and he went to a local printer and said Printer Wale Babu Mera Logo Bana Do!

Printer-wale-babu googled Granth. And undoubtedly we were first on the results! (કોલર ઉપર;) ! He ‘Ctrl+C – Ctrl+V’d our identity!

To add another layer of Chori Upar Se Sinajori, the printer had also placed a snap of Jethalal (from the popular sitcom “Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah”) on his stall’s banner.

Double the copyright infringement, double the fun!

A Change of Heart (and a Branding Opportunity)

We realized this wasn’t a malicious act of corporate espionage. It was a desperate attempt by a struggling entrepreneur. So, we made an unconventional decision. Instead of threatening legal action, we offered to design a new logo for Granth Vadapav.


The vendor was delighted. He even agreed to remove the Jethalal caricature, saving all from potential copyright lawsuits.

A Win-Win (and Some Free Vadapav)

We designed a vibrant, eye-catching logo that captured the essence of Granth Vadapav. The vendor was thrilled, and our Surat-friends got to enjoy some seriously delicious vadapav as a thank you. They kept sending us photos of themselves at the stall, spreading the word about our good deed.

Lessons Learned

Branding, Empathy, and the Power of Communication

This experience taught us a few valuable lessons:

Original Content is Key

This whole mess could have been avoided if the vendor had invested in original branding. Remember, a unique content, concept, logo and design are crucial for establishing your company’s identity.

Communication Over Litigation

While legal action is sometimes necessary, open communication can lead to surprisingly positive outcomes. We built a relationship with the vendor, helped his business, and avoided a costly legal battle.

Branding with Heart

Our decision to help Granth Vadapav wasn’t just about protecting our trademark. It was about empathy, understanding, and supporting a fellow entrepreneur.

Jethalal Stays on TV

Using copyrighted characters might seem like a fun marketing tactic, but it can lead to legal trouble. Stick to original content!

The Vadapav of Branding Wisdom

Like a well-spiced vada pav, branding is a blend of creativity, strategy, and a little bit of unexpected flavor. Sometimes, the best solutions come from a place of understanding and a willingness to find common ground.

So, next time you encounter a branding crisis, remember the tale of Granth Vadapav and let communication be your secret ingredient.

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