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Language Services in Ahmedabad: Find the Best Translation and Interpretation Services

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Language Services in Ahmedabad: Find the Best Translation and Interpretation Services

When you travel 50-100 kilometers in a place like India, dialects change. When you go 500-1000kms away, entire languages, cuisines, and even people change!

Diversity is what India is all about.

But how does this apply to businesses?

Well, businesses tend to appeal to a variety of audiences.

Be it down South with Tamil and Malayalam, to the East with Bengali and Assamese, to the West with Gujarati and Marathi, or up North with Hindi and Punjabi– language services are a boon. And they cut across all barriers – French, Arabic, English, Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, German, you name it!

These services are responsible for translating your content into a variety of languages.

And obviously, transcending the international boundaries is a hell of a lot easier with language services.

Let’s get to know how you can pick a good language service in Ahmedabad!

Why do you need to hire a translation service?

As the name suggests, language agencies are about all things translation.

Be it translating good ol’ food packaging, translating marketing material such as flyers and brochures or even social media videos that include dubbing or closed captions – language services do it all.

Talking about money, language services can help you tap into absolutely any market and make language barriers seem like sandcastles on the beach.

How can you pick a 10/10 translation service?

To help you in picking the best translation service, we have curated a list of top things that you can check before picking a translation service:

Outline your requirements

Before you set out on your journey in picking a language service, you need to make sure that you know what you need.

Do you need local translation? Do you require translation in foreign languages? What would you like translated? How often will you have to translate?

Once you have all of these requirements listed, start budgeting. And once you’re finished budgeting, start looking for firms.

Localization and TGO

Localization is basically making content ready-to-use locally.

Herein, translating isn’t enough. You need to make sure that the translated content connects with the target audience. This is usually the case with marketing content, where you need to make sure that the translated content can persuade consumers to buy.

We have even coined a term for this – TGO.

TGO stands for Target Audience Optimization, which is basically optimizing your translated content so that it can be used for a specific target audience.

This is a super important step, so bear in mind that you check this off your list.

Reviews matter

Reviews matter quite a lot.

Be it if you ’re planning to watch that new movie flick in town or choosing which car to purchase – reviews are important.

Check out the client reviews and testimonials that language services usually have on their website. Alternatively, you can also approach their previous clients and get an idea of how people genuinely feel about their services.

Customer support – how well they treat you

Proper customer support is always a good sign.

And the same is the case with language services – you need good customer support. If you’re opting for language services out of the country that you’re based in, you might even need to consider time zones.

A good language service will make sure that they have measures in place so that they can combat time zone problems.

Speed – Faster than Fast

Timely delivery is always appreciated. And after all, deadlines matter a lot

Sometimes, you might need language services in a short amount of time. So, make sure that you ask the company what their estimated time of delivery is.

Ask for samples

Asking for samples is a brilliant way that can help you in picking a language service.

Samples give you an idea regarding how a language service has provided its clients with work in the past.

You can determine the quality, accuracy and the type of translations that you can expect from a language service when you ask for samples.

Ensuring that proper quality checks are in place

Language services usually have a variety of quality checks that ensure that the finished work is up-to-the-mark.

These checks are responsible for making sure that quality assurance is of utmost priority. Usually, language services use manual as well as machine-based systems in their workflows.

In the era where AI is slowly taking charge of a variety of things, language services that integrate AI in their workflows is a definite green flag.


With rapid globalization, the need for language services has increased.

More so, the need for good language services has increased.

We’ve journeyed through the checklist: outlining needs, localizing content, checking reviews, ensuring support, speed, and quality. Armed with these insights, businesses can confidently choose their language partners.

With the right translation service by your side, you’re not just translating words; you’re forging connections and breaking language barriers.

Make sure to use this checklist in determining if a language service is good for you!

Also, the folks here at Granth can provide you with expert localization, translation and transliteration services – basically the holy grail of language services in Ahmedabad.

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