• November 2, 2023

How to Get More Leads and Sales from Pay Per Click Advertising in India

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How to Get More Leads and Sales from Pay Per Click Advertising in India

Imagine you are a business owner with your social media and website presence on fleek. But here’s the deal – you could have a traffic boost to generate more sales. From Facebook ads to blog posts, you have tried all and still the traffic you’re expecting is stuck at a snooze.

Here comes the game-changer: PPC ads!

PPC is the abbreviation for Pay-Per-Click. Those pop-up ads that you see while surfing the internet are made possible via PPC ads. It’s like a magnet to attract the potential audience towards your brand.

When your PPC ad is attractive & engaging, your desired audience vibes with it better and gets drawn to your site.

Grab your shades because we’re about to dive into the shiny realm of PPC.

Have a look at these amazing PPC stats:

  • Search ad spending is expected to reach $191 billion by 2024.
  • 75% of people say they click on ads because they expect an answer to their question.
  • Google pay-per-click ads have the biggest ROI of 200%.

PPC is amazing for ROI, if placed correctly. Not only does your ad spending matter, but also where you place it matters. It should reach the right audience and should have the perfect set of keywords to reach the desired audience.

Let’s know how PPC can boost your Lead Generation:

Targeted Ads-Hit the Target with intent:

PPC is like a direct hit of the bullet at the target in the realm of advertisement.

With the correct spot-on keywords, precise targeting, location and demographics, your PPC ads can reach the potential audience like a rockstar. This targeted advertising allows your ads to be seen by the relevant audience which in turn increases the chances of generating genuine, high-quality leads. In short, it’s like having to never miss the mark!

Instant Visibility:

The moment you press that Submit button; your ad campaign becomes live. Unlike other marketing methods that take time to process and become visible, PPC appears instantly. It’s the showstopper. This grabs attention of your potential leads and brings them to your profile.

Budget Mastery:

Become the ultimate budget maestro with PPC. It’s your decision to choose how much you want to spend on your advertising campaign and the duration you want to run it for. Your budget, your rules. Get the maximum benefits with any amount of budget you choose to move ahead with.

Measurable MVP:

The most valuable part of PPC is its ability to get measured. This allows you to compare and perform better. That’s how you can run better ads in the future with better targeting and demographic selection. You can get clear analytics that lets you know how your campaigns are doing. Do not sit back crossing your fingers anymore!

Personalized Experience:

You can make every person who clicks on your ad feel special because PPC allows custom landing pages with forms that politely ask them for their contact details. You are not just attracting visitors but also fetching their details, turning them into leads.

Experiment, Experiment, Experiment:

With PPC, you can experiment until you finalize the kind of audience you want. This gives you an advantage to understand what kind of audience is seeking for your product/service and also gain solid leads.

Retargeting advantage:

With PPC, you can retarget the people who came on your site but did not convert as customers. You can gently remind them to come back and take back something. This is also beneficial when you decide to run offers and want to retarget the people who have been visiting your site or have purchased something in the past.

Local Domination:

Well, for businesses that are local, you can now target your neighborhood with PPC. It allows you to set a local audience as well with detailed targeting options that are available. This gives you the advantage of targeting the people who can actually walk through your door.

Mobile Friendliness:

Well, with everyone literally being on their phones these days it’s important that the ads are shown to them on the mobile. PPC allows you to run smartphone-friendly ads with a vivid array of placements. It makes it easy for the audience and attracts a better quality of audience to your site.

High Quality Matters:

For your high-performing ad, Google gives you brownie points. The relevancy score and quality score together taken into consideration gives a judgment of the quality of your ad. With a higher Google score, the chance of relevancy also increases, resulting in better visibility and making your PPC ads more fruitful.

Enhance with Extras:

While running your PPC ads, you also get the feature of adding extensions and callouts. That is like an extra garnish to your ads. Effectively utilizing these extra features also helps in generation quality leads.

Cross-Platform Advantage:

The best part about PPC is its ability to play its role in more than a single platform. You have multiple stages for your ad show. Social media, display networks, and other websites are some of the stages. You can capture leads from more than one platform because you never know where your real audience is actually lingering.

Why are we the champs of the best Pay Per Click Advertising Services in India:

  • Expertise- Brain power that shines, literally.
  • Customization- Multiple options because one option never fits all.
  • ROI- Bringing out the gold from your ad spend.
  • All in one- No need to hop because we’ve got all the tools gathered with us.
  • Transparency- Crystal clear communication and transparency.
  • Adaptability- Surfing perfectly on the dynamic wave of changes.
  • Competition analysis- We’ve got the Sherlock Holmes hat.
  • Global or Local, we’ve got it all under control.
  • Continuous Improvement- Staying ahead in the PPC landscape with constant upgradation, always
  • Client Satisfaction- Your happy remarks fuel our zeal to keep doing the best.


Well, now you know why and how PPC can help you in getting genuine and quality leads. Expertise, customization, ROI, and transparency are the most important elements of a perfect PPC campaign. Keep the rhythm alive with continuous improvements & outsmarting the competition. Let’s lead the PPC party together.

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