• December 29, 2023

The pixel perfection of CGI ads and their popularity

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The pixel perfection of CGI ads and their popularity

Imagine your favorite monuments or streets infused with the elements of your favorite upcoming movie or your favorite makeup product sitting idle on the streets. Well, yes, cost effective and eye-catching, these virtual environments created with computer technology, called CGI, are gaining immense popularity because it’s fun to watch and does the brand’s job of gaining attention.

Strutting peacocks in Bandra, Barbies popping out near Burj Khalifa and the Gateway of India tumbling with coffee cups. These are nothing but CGI ads, not leaving a single chance to blink. This virtual reality is the new reality for the advertisement sector, adding more fun and impact into marketing models of brands. It allows one to be extremely expressive and do things that do not exist in the real world because of many factors, the main one being cost.

The more you express, the more your target audience resonates. CGI is a testament to industry’s innovation and creativity.

Show as a video : https://www.linkedin.com/posts/jiocinemas_peacockhubonjiocinema-activity-7132636861474177024-ipGd?utm_source=combined_share_message&utm_medium=member_desktop

Brands are going as far as possible, because being extra is the new cool

It allows a fascinating storytelling method that captures the exact attention a brand is seeking. It breaks free from the shackles of reality and crafts stunning experiences that tap into our imaginations to create a deeper connection with the brand. Besides flashy visuals, it evokes powerful visuals like Viacom’s peacock flying over to promote JioCinema’s Peacock Hub services. India being deeply rooted in culture also gives marketers a chance to create ads that resonate deeply with the local audience.

How about these cups casually floating in the streets of Bombay? Intriguing right?

Disney+ Hotstar came up with this iconic campaign for a new season of a famous TV show.






But why CGI?

Whatever content is shareable, becomes a trendy piece of content. These days CGI is used to make brands stand out in the crowd and gain popularity with dreamy setups created by them. It’s a remix of the brand’s strategy and creativity, placed altogether for a showdown that beats imagination. It’s a visual upgrade on its own and grants people’s attention in a large span.

  • CGI can be used to create anything imaginable
  • CGI can be used to make products look more appealing
  • CGI can be used to create emotional responses

Should you try?

It’s fun and evolving to realize that CGI has enabled creators to explore their ideas and designs that were hard to imagine previously or were said impractical to execute with traditional means. With technology advancements, CGI is a safe means for advertisement that will create impact in the media we consume and the products that we interact with. So yes, you should definitely try CGIs and stay up-to-date with the current trend. Just remember,

  • Start with a strong concept
  • Use high-quality CGI
  • Keep it simple
  • Use sound and music effectively

Being a powerful resource-driven force in the ad world, with CGI we can create ads that are entertaining and engaging and at the same time informative and inspiring. However, using CGI also has to be done very carefully. Let’s roll in some action for this dynamically entertaining world of advertising that’s meaningful and also impactful.

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