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Marketing Lessons from The Marketing Magician – Orry

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Marketing Lessons from The Marketing Magician – Orry

‘I live, I’m a liver’ – Orhan Awatramani

Now, you’ve most probably heard that doing the rounds on social media. But notice the name beside it, does it ring a bell?

No, it isn’t some foreign-based influencer that has visited India only once. We’re referring to the marketing magician, the liver among us humans, Orry.

Among the many mysteries behind who he is, where he’s from and why he’s so popular – we’ll try to solve a couple. But we’ll do so with a marketing twist.

So, let’s dive into the man that’s always shrouded in mystery, the Omnipresent Orry!

Taking social media by storm – The Orry Effect

In our breakup of what made Orry so famous, let’s talk about the where first.

Post by post, party by party – we saw a new face that was easy to recognize. Recognizing the face was even easier because of the unique outfits and the iconic phone cases that he carries around.

Be it the Ambanis, the Kapoors or the Pataudis – the face was everywhere. There was only 1 question that troubled everyone – who is this mystery man?

After that, the memes started rolling in. This boosted his popularity even more. By now, Orry was a household face, yet still hadn’t become a household ‘name’ yet.

Feeding on people’s curiosity

Curiosity has led to us humans excelling as beings.

Similarly, when curiosity is put into marketing, it yields magnificently. Such is the case with Orry as well – he feeds on the curiosity of people.

Why is he popping up everywhere?

Why does he pose as such?

We haven’t seen him acting in any film, he hasn’t directed or produced any film – then what gives him the right to hang out with the celebs?

These questions further add-in to curiosity. It is this element that has catapulted Orry into mass media. When curiosity and marketing are combined, the essence of a good product is established.

Ascending the hall of fame

We’ve all seen mainstream ads on TV.

And mainstream ads cannot be possible without mainstream celebs. The brands that choose these celebs often pour an excessive amount of money into these ads.

But see, Orry is different.

Orry got pictures clicked with the topmost celebs and let the celebs themselves post their pictures on their social media handles.

All this without spending a single penny, which he most probably used on his clothes and flashy phone cases.

This is the best use case of influencer marketing. Wherein you simply study the target audience, and then leverage the influencer’s audience to promote your own product.

Though, Orry himself is the product here. But the way that he has marketed himself is worthy of praise.

Shrouded in mystery

Generating curiosity is one thing.

Maintaining the curiosity and building upon it is another ball game altogether. Though Orry didn’t have to expend a lot of energy doing that, he didn’t publicly say his name/told people who he was.

Often, this element of mystery is what brands use to generate buzz.

Nowadays, movie buzz is often generated with cryptic posts being posted by the actors. For example, Anil Kapoor removed all his posts in October.

This left fans and even his own daughter, Sonam Kapoor Bajwa confused.

Turns out, it was a brilliant PR stunt for a series of advertisements involving Mr. India. This was owing to a brand endorsement between Google and Anil Kapoor and generated a substantial amount of buzz.

This element of suspense led to Orry climbing the social media ranks of popularity, and finally becoming viral. Then came the endless memes. Zomato, Swiggy, Domino’s, Netflix – major brands jumped on the bandwagon.

This made Orry even more popular, and by now he was a household name.


Well, there you have it.

A proper breakdown of the mystery man of recent times, Orry. Orry, with his intellectualism and market penetration, has surely left marketing buffs perplexed.

Using his marketing tactics, he cast a spell over the Indian audience, leading everyone to having 1 question – who is Orry?

Similarly, we at Granth are specialists in marketing. Be it leveraging the power of curiosity, influencer marketing, maintaining a cloak of mystery – we do it all.

Let’s connect and create together, maybe you’ll also get as popular as Orry himself!


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