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The Spirit of Marketing: Breaking Down Fighter’s Marketing Rizz

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The Spirit of Marketing: Breaking Down Fighter’s Marketing Rizz

India is home to a lot of stuff. Music, dance, theatre – you name it. But other than that, we’ve got another talisman – Bollywood.

It blends all of the three biggies that we’ve listed above, and adds a major ingredient – drama!

As a result, movies that blend high-octane action, has Bollywood’s biggest stars and invoke a strong feeling of patriotism seldom go unnoticed.

One such movie is the recently released action-flick, Fighter.

But, where’s the marketing twist in it?

Don’t worry, we’ve already analyzed it to the core.

Just sit back, relax, and read away!

The sheer scale of marketing

Well, Fighter didn’t go far out with its marketing. It decided to go above and beyond. The movie collaborated with 50+ brands for the pre-launch. The brands included Mobil, Amazon, Eurosport, Animal Planet and even Paytm!

These brands are from different fields altogether, so utilizing their target audience’s surely made marketing easier for Fighter.

Celebrating the unsung heroes

The Indian Air Force consists of daredevils and fighters (see what we did there) that strive to serve the nation in all sorts of situations.

Fighter’s marketing masterminds realized that, so they launched a campaign #ThankYouFighter to show gratitude to the Indian Air Force.

This campaign had the masses being part of it by celebrating instances of heroism, martyrdom and sacrifice, followed by the hashtag.

Infusing AI into the marketing mix

The marketers created a chatbot that the audiences could interact with after dialing up the number in their phones.

But, the creators had another trick up their sleeve.

They also created an AR (Augmented Reality) filter that engaged hundreds of thousands of users, giving them uniquely developed achievements that they can boast on their social media after completing a couple of simple tasks.

This resulted in a significant amount of social media postings being catered to the movie.

And the average time spent on the filter was 53 seconds!

The musical touch

As we stated before, music is one of the greatest possessions of India.

You mix that with Bollywood, and it delivers!

But, if you mix that with marketing, it does much more.

Now take that, and revolve it around the center point of your film – the Indian Air Force!

The film collaborated with the Indian Air Force Band to create a version of their music like no other!

This strategy was perhaps one of the best decisions made by the marketing team, because it gives a touch like no other.

Oh my OOH!

OOH will never cease to amaze us with the sheer reach it has.

And yes, Fighter capitalized on that as well.

By creating engaging ads that are not only limited to statics, but also ads that reinvented OOH advertising altogether!

Using moving visuals, the movie generated a lot of hype and connected, cementing themselves into the audience’s hearts.

They realized that a high-octane action flick would do well with ads that portrayed moving elements instead of static images.

Innovation is not the cherry on top, rather it is the cake itself!

The omni-channel approach

The thing is that marketing isn’t restricted to one channel.

It has evolved into a lot of things, some of the popular ones include social media, OOH (out-of-home) marketing, CGI-based marketing, influencer marketing and much more.

Fighter aced at conquering all of these one by one. It utilized a varied omni-channel approach that allowed it to penetrate the market on a large scale, but doing so efficiently at the same time.

It used brands, influencers, CGI, OOH, social media – everything at its disposal!

This allowed the movie to generate a lot of hype, and made it a part of the common man’s everyday conversation!

The end result

Fighter aced the marketing spectrum with relative ease, utilizing a variety of platforms and penetrating a broad spectrum of the audience.

Still, do you know that it failed to capitalize on the box office on the opening day?

That’s right, the film (even though it has now surpassed its budget in collections) failed to perform on the first day.

But that’s a discussion for another blog.


So, here’s our breakdown of how Fighter fought, and how it won! With proper market penetration, making its way to the common man’s conversations, and conquering a plethora of platforms – Fighter did it all.

Now the question is, do you want to generate hype, penetrate markets, and conquer marketing altogether? Finding it hard to do so?

Don’t worry, Granth has your back. With marketing solutions so good, you’ll be the talk of the town in no time. Let’s have a chat sometime!



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