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Advertising on Wheels – Indians reinventing the marketing wheel

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Advertising on Wheels – Indians reinventing the marketing wheel

For purchasing clothes, lahriwalas were our first love. Then, we moved on to mini-stores. Then shopping malls. Online shopping was next, but could you have imagined a store in the middle of the road?

Yes, we seem to be moving on from window shopping to shopping while stuck in traffic.

You see, India is truly not for beginners. A while ago, a twitter user posted a picture wherein a see-through van with clothes is shown. What does this marketing stunt mean?

Does this imply that we’re shifting from shopping on the phone to shopping on wheels?

Read on to know what unfolded in this marketing endeavour!

What’s the buzz about?

Yep, it’s another radical marketing stunt.

Bangalore has established itself as the Silicon Valley of India. Even with all of India’s leading tech wizards at one place, they still seem to have more room for innovation.

It’s like innovation is in Bangalore’s air itself, because this brilliant marketing endeavour basically markets itself.

Leaving all daily commuters in awe, it has garnered a lot of attention due to its confusing nature.

Innovation – what marketing is all about!

The person/company that chose to market as such is indeed a genius.

They could’ve simply just opened a showroom, ran a couple of OOH ads, and maybe even a social media campaign.

But nothing too interesting in that, right?

Now it may be just a layman making his ends meet, but they do so with flair!

That’s what marketing is at the core – it is the brainchild of creativity and innovation that serves to amaze audiences.

Innovation is just like branding – it thrives on stuff that sets your brand apart.

Unique stunts like these, garner a lot of attention. Brands often become the talk of the town just because of the bizarre marketing stunts that they choose to pursue.

Let’s take Zomato for an example.

The brand has timed notifications that they send to its users.

Even if you whip out your phone right now, you might see a couple of Zomato’s classical one-liner notifications.

And yes, they’re even timed during the hours that we usually feel hungry on.

But really, what’s so special about it?

It’s basically the absurdity that there’s a clothes showroom that’s actually on wheels.

Apart from that, it isn’t that different than what our famed lahriwalas sell. Maybe the clothes inside are high-end clothes? Maybe the truck is owned by a high-end fashion brand. Who knows?

See what we did there?

We sparked curiosity. It was the main motive of the truck gimmick – the generation of curiosity. This curiosity can only be answered by the person that operates the said truck.

That is the essence of marketing, to create a question.

With the suspense that it builds up, an onlooker is compelled to know the truth.

The search for the truth

Once we see this bizarre truck full of clothes, we’re compelled to ask about it.

Hell, people may even go searching on the roads of Bangalore to get a glimpse!

This form of marketing caters to a wide variety of the masses, and basically leaves everyone with a huge question mark above their heads.

And as history has proved, humans have flourished whenever we’ve been curious.

Now, even if the clothes are not branded or not even as good as they look, people will still flock around because it’s something out of the ordinary – a touch of the extraordinaire!


Now you know what curiosity means to marketing.

Curiosity is the soul of marketing. The most basic marketing campaigns will work, but they won’t create a buzz. They won’t become household names as easily!

Going viral because of luck is one thing, but going viral because you possess the power of creating curiosity is a whole different league!

We do the same at Granth, we create curiosity that propels your brand into a league of its own!

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