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Personal Branding In The Digital World

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Personal Branding In The Digital World

What is personal branding? 

Personal branding in the digital world is crafting your persona in the digital world and projecting its values to ensure your target group remembers you and why you should be chosen over your competitors.  

Personal brand building on social media is more than marketing and blogging, it’s about real communication and sharing creative ideas. Building a brand encompasses personal brand positioning by standing up for yourself to command your industry through channels such as personal website, podcasts, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and the likes. 

Why it matters? 

People’s attention spans are decreasing by the second, and the need to make an impression is more crucial than ever. And the best way to leave a lasting impression is by creating a memorable brand identity. It could be Personal branding for artists or personal branding for entrepreneurs; both help the products and services they are associated with. 

       1. You Control How People View You  

People have opinions and you may not get the chance to tell your own story or dictate how you are represented. Personal branding puts the power in your hands and puts you in charge of your style and messaging.  

The most exciting part of creating a personal brand is that you can create your own rules. Pay heed to the social channels your audience is following and what interests them. Feel free to have healthy conversations and ask questions. 

       2. You Become More Visible Online  

If you work bright enough, you can easily leverage new ways to market and operate. Be bold in your decision to transition to digital marketing, you can create a personal website and join a social media platform to get started. Post at the right time, which means when your audience is available, this will ensure maximum engagement.  

Do not disappear after posting online; regularly engage with your users. If you are new to the game, then avail yourself of the services of personal branding consultants. 65 percent of the internet users see online search as the most reliable source of information about people and companies. 

       3. It Helps Create a New Identity 

Today’s competitive market demands a strong personal brand. A unique brand results from what others think and say about you when you’re not in the room. By developing a solid personal brand, you can make yourself the one to remember. 

Some of the great personal brand examples are the result of great effort and time, so do not get disheartened if you do not get quicker results. 

SEO practices can help create exact content that people are looking for. You can use social media channels for a solid personal brand positioning.   

Things to consider when trying to grow a personal brand online 

There is no one size fits all or checklist you need to follow, but just a few points to be careful of when branding yourself online.  

  • Live your brand   

You have to do so with clarity as well as consistency. Ensure the values that you display are replicated in your actions. Make sure that your steps and brand image are aligned. Your brand should also stay consistent in communicating across all your platforms.  

For instance, if you own an online brand that promotes healthy consumption, you don’t want to run into your social media followers in person while eating oil-drenched fast food. Your brand should be an authentic portrayal of who you are, as you cannot go much far enough pretending to be someone you are not.  

  • Adhere to one platform initially 

It is crucial to weigh all the pros and cons, select one social media platform that is best for your brand and commit to it. We would recommend sticking to just one platform until you have gained prominence over it before adding in another. It seems essential to define what “mastering” a platform entails. It means being consistent in posting quality content and also having your account grow daily without having to put in much energy.   

The long-term mission is to be present on all major social media platforms but initially be consistent with communication. As per a study it takes 5-7 impressions to even start creating brand awareness. This is called being “omnipresent” across a variety of social media channels. We say this because not everyone is available on all platforms so you need to tap all the online marketplaces you can.  

  • Remember your USP  

When creating a personal brand, it is imperative to know your unique selling proposition. What values do you uphold? What do you want to be known for? Once you have found the answers to these questions, you can start creating content that reflects your brand.   

Today technology provides us with multiple ways to grow our reach, and it could be through vlogs, blogging, and social media posts. They are all great mediums to share your story with the world. Keep coming up with creative ideas to keep your followers on edge. 

  • Let people reap the benefits from your expertise and achievements.   

Your degrees, professional experiences, and other qualifications give you credibility. This definitely does not mean that you have to share your resume on all your online platforms. Sharing your accolades is helpful so that people know why they should trust your advice.   

Be real, as per a survey 88 percent of consumers say that authenticity  helps them relate with a brand better. In these times of false news and misinformation, it’s more important than ever to quote sources for the information you share and how you know what you know. 

  • Measure the reach of your actions  

When moving to the digital world, remember there is enough opportunity to attract the attention of key decision makers. But not all actions have the same influence. It’s essential to determine the most significant impact on your community and regularly refine your online communication strategy to ensure it’s working for you. Consider metrics like:  

     →Total number of followers 

     →Total views of your LinkedIn pages 

     →Social actions – views, comments, shares, and even saves of the materials you post 

Granth understands the huge difference good personal branding can make. Connect with us now to find out how we can help you! 

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