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The Process of Logo Designing at Granth Agency

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The Process of Logo Designing at Granth Agency

Logo designing process at Granth

The Logo designing process is difficult to categorize because Creative logo designers have a unique approach. Their ideas can be creative or contemporary as per brand identity. Logos are word and image-based icons that help us recognize the brands. Whether you are B2B, B2C, or D2C based industry, it is always good to hire the best professional company Granth for this task.

Our team of designers is experts in coming up with original creative ideas. A logo builds a strong foundation for your brand. We can design the logo in 3D or two colors, etc.; it’s entirely up to your choice or the pricing models you picked. Creating a logo is not easy; it takes many steps and revisions to complete the final logo.

Let’s discuss the Granth logo design process that throws some light into their working process. We’ll tell you how to build a fantastic logo design by combining research and analysis with creative ingenuity. The seven primary phases of logo development are outlined below, along with examples that demonstrate the process.

Analyze the brand

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to logo design—a logo is only as good as it depicts the identity of the company; therefore, it won’t be effective until we first understand the brand’s intended impression. The first step in our logo design process is determining what the brand stands for and the targets. It is known as the Client Discovery phase.

Evaluate the market

The next phase in our logo design process is to look into competitors’ and industry giants’ logos. It is known as the Industry Discovery phase, and it can make the difference between a conventional logo and an out-of-the-box logo.

There is no right or wrong answer; it all depends on how important it is for branding strategy to stand out. Such as most logos in the tech sector are blue. With this knowledge, we can either (1) continue to utilize blue because the data says it performs best, or (2) use a different hue to stand out among the sea of blue logos.

At what places Logo implement

The physical or digital place that the logo will occupy also influences design decisions, just as the brand strategy. The Application Discovery process entails determining where the logo is placed. It is significant to have a complete list of how clients will be using the logo; it will be better for logo development. The color model, shape, and even design software utilized in the logo may determine where you require it.

Such as, You can create more elaborate, larger-scale logos if you want your brand to appear on enormous billboards. If it’s going to be in the corner of a mobile app, clarity and more minor scales are the way to go.

Below are a few examples of logo design applications:

  • Icons for websites
  • Banners and signs
  • Packaging for a product
  • Advertisements
  • Banners and accounts on social media
  • Business cards are used to promote a company.
  • Letterheads for businesses (invoices, internal documents)
  • Campaigns for email marketing
  • Promotional swag (pens, shirts, mugs, etc.)

Draw logo designs ideas

We draw various logo concepts to observe how they appear outside our heads. The act of drawing itself can elicit new ideas. And more importantly, sketching a wide range of ideas shows what works and what doesn’t. Soon we also begin to notice specific threads or themes that appeal and how we can mix and match different aspects until the team finds the right one.

Using vector software, create digital models.

Here we recreate two or three clients’ favorite designs in software. It is the point the final logo begins to take shape. This process has upgraded design options we couldn’t make during the drawing phase. Here we can play with logo colors and typography in our digital layout.

We have an experts logo designers team that can do this work marvelously.

Ready for feedbacks

It’s time to take feedback because someone will request revisions logo design, no matter how flawless we think it is.

That isn’t always a terrible thing. When we spend hours, days, weeks, or months working on the same image, it’s easy to lose sight of the forest for the trees. A fresh pair of eyes on the finished product may show some areas for improvement that were previously overlooked.

Time to send final logo files

Now the logo is finished, it’s time to deliver the final files to the clients according to their requirements.

However, in general, it’s a good idea to include:

  • Layered source vector files, such as AI
  • Layered EPS/PDF files (for clients using different vector programs)
  • High-resolution raster files for the web, including PNGs with transparent backgrounds.

In some up, we can say that great logos aren’t created by chance. They’re the outcome of analytical thoughts, questioning, teamwork, exploration, failure, and restarting the process with full enthusiasm.

At Granth, you can find a dynamic team of dreamers, thinkers & creators who are the perfect combination of talent to create a unique logo for your brand. It’s time for you to visit us to get rid of your worries about content to design be ensure we always deliver the best.

Let your brand touch the sky of success

At the end of the day, it all comes down to how you present your content in a creative way and the way people grab information from it. Are you stuck in your design evaluation process? Need help? Brand Bucket is here to take any challenges!

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