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The wonders of Rebranding- When old favourites get a new lease of life

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The wonders of Rebranding- When old favourites get a new lease of life

Childhood, nostalgia, memories- what rings in your mind hearing these words?

To some, it could be the summer vacations- sipping on Rasna and hogging on mangoes or spending evenings playing Monopoly and UNO with the neighbourhood kids. To others, it could be humming the Nirma Ad or Airtel’s “Har Friend Zaroori Hota Hai.” Remember playing games on your parents’ indestructible Nokia phone or playing Super Mario. I also recall reading Champak, Amar Chitra Katha, Tinkle, and Tintin magazines.

Whatever comes to your mind, there is an undying yearning and charm to it. We never thought that someday these invaluable things might not stay as relevant and loved as they were to us.

Lucky for us, a few of these brands that took a downhill are getting a new lease of life through rebranding.

Strategies that work wonders for rebranding-

Rebranding through the brand name and logo

Speaking about the name change is frequently essential following an unfortunate incident that damaged the brand’s reputation, but that is not the only reason. It could also be required if your brand needs a new identity following internalisation or integration with another business. Even the most well-known firms occasionally change their logos since it can radically revitalise their brand identity.

Develop your brand identity using graphic components

Your brand’s visual shorthand is its brand identity. The key in this situation is the creation of graphic components that communicate your brand. All aspects of rebranding, including the logo, tagline, and official colour scheme, must be carefully considered and planned.

Inform your clients about the new branding

The likelihood of success increases with improved marketing tactics! You should inform your existing clients and customers a few days before publicising your rebranded business. Send an email with a countdown timer for rebranding, post it on your website or social media pages, or both.

Create a robust online presence with the help of your website

Your internet presence should grab people’s attention. Concentrate on developing a website with strong UI/UX that successfully communicates your brand message. Only a website-based rebranding plan is imaginable. Building a website alone is insufficient; consider it a vehicle for communication that requires a consistent voice. The theme, colour scheme, and tagline are just a few elements that must all work together harmoniously.

Your rebranding approach should include marketing collateral

Your company must be prepared to redesign marketing materials like brochures, flyers, business proposal templates, and trade show booths by now. These are potent instruments for bridging the gap in communication between you and your target audience and informing them of the changes.

Understand your mission, vision, and core principles

Rebranding involves situating yourself in both your current market and a potential new one, and you want to do it with a strong brand message. Your brand’s purpose, vision, and fundamental values define what makes it unique.

Your goal, vision, and core values must be crystal apparent before you can start building your new brand since they will be the basis for a strong foundation.

When do you know it’s time?

New locations

If your business is growing internationally, potential customers may need to recognise your current logo or messaging.

A fresh philosophy

Ensure your judgment is guided by your brand’s mission, vision, and values. You will need to reassess your brand if you pivot your firm in the same direction as them.

Market realignment

Your business must adapt if it targets a different customer profile, whether through product, location, pricing, or promotion.


Two brands join when two businesses combine. You have to find a way to let both brands compete if your company is bought out or merged with another one. Finding a fresh logo representing the new organisation will reduce confusion and foster trust.

Brands that have aced rebranding

1. Hutch-Vodafone

Vodafone was greeted in India with Hutch Is Now Vodafone campaign in 2007 after it acquired Hutchinson. Vodafone went in for an overnight transformation of the brand by targeting all points of purchase. Everything was turned red overnight, from customer care centres to sim card packets and sales executives! To advertise the same, they tied up with Star India by playing Hutch is now Vodafone ads during every commercial break on Star Plus for 24 hours. This ensured maximum recall among the audience.

2. The Royal Enfield

Being “the oldest global motorcycle brand in continuous production,” according to the Royal Enfield corporation, is something they take great pride in.

Although they provide a variety of motorcycles, the Bullet is their most recognisable model. Bike enthusiasts regard Bullet’s thunderous exhaust noise as the “legendary thump,” and it is well-known for it. The business experienced declining revenues in the early 2000s. To combat this, the Royal Enfield undertook several rebranding strategies-

  • Despite being a legendary brand, there were numerous complaints regarding the efficiency of the motorcycles, including engine seizures and oil leakages. In addition, the bikes were exceedingly overweight. A modern engine composed of aluminium was purchased. This new engine was 30% more powerful and 30% more fuel-efficient, with 30% fewer parts. A shift was made to the left side of the gear lever.
  • The bike had a natural, rough appearance that made it seem like a natural extension of the rider. Using this trait, Royal Enfield advertised their products as rugged bikes designed for self-discovery journeys.
  • The Moto Himalaya, a “replicable” promotional concept developed by the brand, has been in operation for a while. Through this initiative they have been able to create a community of zealous Royal Enfield owners and bewitched future owners to make the purchase.

Moto Himalaya 2022 | Royal Enfield

3. Domino’s

Believe it or not, Domino’s Pizzas were once called “tastes like cardboard”, “totally void of flavour”, “boring, artificial” but a rebranding strategy changed the game for Domino’s products as we know now. The CEO arranged for a focus group, shared the thoughts of the consumers with the chefs who created the products and made sure the result of the exercise was good pizza. Not only did the product improved by leaps and bounds and regain its lost consumers but they were able to rebrand themself as a brand that listens to its consumers. Also, the campaign helped them earn a pretty good PR.

This campaign was called “Domino’s Pizza Turnaround.” Once the chefs came up with the best recipes, they visited the individuals from the target group with the new Pizzas. The “once consumers” were amazed at the enhanced quality and shocked to see Domino’s pulling up their driveways for a taste test.

Domino’s® Pizza Turnaround

A robust rebranding strategy is vital to give your brand a newfangled perception. Whether you are rebranding your logo, name, or the entire business, you must be focused and have a detail-oriented rebranding strategy at hand. Partial or complete Rebranding requires you to contemplate numerous aspects, including your reasons, objectives, challenges, target audience, and new demographics you want to tap. Let Granth be a partner in this Rebranding journey of yours; contact us today.

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