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Some of the best trending video marketing trends in 2022

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Some of the best trending video marketing trends in 2022

Online business, E-commerce business, and many more synonyms are heard every day from many media platforms. It is difficult to run an e-commerce business with content that is engaging and strategically apt when it comes to competition.
In a market of digitalization, consumers prefer watching meaningful content; hence they divert towards video marketing trends such as short video, status video, live streaming, and many more in their marketing strategy. Therefore, the video should answer questions such as what, how, and why of the marketing. So what are some of the video marketing trends that you can include in your promotions?

Let’s dive in to find out some of the best Video marketing trends of 2022!

Status videos

Social media platforms come with essential features, and that is status video. People show their creativity, answer or debate some of the most hotline topics of the day, and share some excellent content through their status video. WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram are some platforms where your status is available for 24 hrs, and your followers or friends can see and enjoy your views or creativity.

Live Streaming from cell phones

After the status video, one of the hottest video trends of 2021 is Livestreaming. On average, around 10% of mobile space in a phone is video streaming apps, and the younger generation is in awe of it Mobile App Download and Usage Statistics (2021) – BuildFire. Research data shows (What’s new in publishing, 2020), that the market has over 55% increase from its value of $104.11 billion in 2019, and analysts predict it will be the hottest video marketing trend of 2021

Short videos

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Apart from Live streaming, usage of short videos is trending in 2021. Instagram and Facebook reels, launched in 2020, are the biggest hit, and how can we forget Tik-Tok, which has grown popular and has over 1.2 billion active monthly users in 2021.

Tik Tok Set to reach 1.2 Billion Average Monthly Active Users in 2021 Predicts App Annie (prnewswire.com)Unfortunately, it didn’t continue its journey in India, though, at the same time, an app called Moj launched, and hence TikTok’s 97% users got diverted to it, making it one of the most hit short video platforms.
To live a mark on your customers, it is important that you make energetic, short and fast-paced videos hence look around some of the video marketing trend going on and include in your campaign.

User-generated video content

Resource: CodeFuel

New and original content plays a crucial role in video content marketing hence, they rank the top among all the trends for 2021.

The heart of user-generated video lies in its originality to attract and keep its users engaged—YouTube video trends for its raw and original content. According to E-consultancy 2020, a YouTube video trend and receives up to 10 times more views than any branded content. The Top Benefits of User-Generated Content: Why UGC Is Important for Your Brand (crowdriff.com)
Also, it plays a vital role in converting leads to customers.It was also found that users spend twice as much time on user-generated videos.
User-generated videos have better chances of retaining a new user on an e-commerce site compared to other elements such as product images. Visitors spend more than half of their visit time on these videos.

Educational videos

Resource: boclips.com

The pandemic has forced employees to work from home and has given students a chance to move to a digital platform. Hence now, more than a billion schools and universities are currently learning from home.

With job loss as a result of the pandemic, there is rising demand for skill development. Due to this, educational videos have become one of the most significant trends in 2021.
Data published by Report Linker 2020 shows a surge of 36.3 percent in e-learning and will take market value to nearly half a billion this year. Global E-Learning Industry (reportlinker.com)
Coursera, Udemy, EdX, Byju are some of the well-known e-learning platforms today.

AR content

Resource: Forbes

According to Statista, the most significant video marketing trend award goes to Augmented reality & Virtual reality. Its market is forecasted to grow and reach 72.8 billion by 2024. • VR/AR market size | Statista
Some well-known brands such as IKEA, Lenskart, and many jewelry brands have entered the market offering immersive reality experiences to their customers. With AR, you can visualize how products will look like and experience a physical mart or a mall from the comfort of your home.
In a Pandemic situation like this, AR can be an alternative source of short video in your portfolio.

Shoppable videos

Resource: kunocreative

With the growth of the E-commerce business, more brands have started creating a seamless shopping experience for their customers. They indulge in the promotion of their brand by following trends from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms.
One of the ways businesses use to market and sell their products is through shoppable videos. Such videos provide an interactive video experience for buyers and allow them to purchase directly from the video rather than searching for the product, making it a faster and easier purchase.
This trend is predicted to be the most upcoming trend because shoppable videos have a better engagement rate compared to clickthrough rates and conversions.

Virtual events

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The most significant impact of the pandemic is on in-person events. According to PCMA 2020, 7 out of 10 organizers have to move their event online. COVID-19 Impact on Events Research: Top-line Results for Planners (pcma.org)
There are many benefits of virtual events, saving traveling being one of them and expense being another. With just a few clicks, apps such as Zoom, teams, Skype, one can attend a virtual meeting from anywhere in the world.
Since virtual events have grown popular and trending, presenting and promoting your short videos have become a must for making the most of marketing opportunities.


These are some of the marketing trends that you can follow to make the most of your marketing campaigns. Don’t forget that creativity is the key if you want to stay ahead of your competitors.

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