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Facebook video Ads | 5 Powerful Tricks you should know

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Facebook video Ads | 5 Powerful Tricks you should know

How do you create Facebook Video ads that reach your audience? Is your ad not receiving the views it needs? What makes a Facebook video ad good? What are some of the growth hacks for video ads? 

These are some of the questions that are to be answered. Facebook is one of the most popular social media websites with over a billion users using Facebook worldwide daily. According to a research report, over 500 million people watch videos on Facebook daily.  It has become really crucial for marketing departments to place increased importance on their video ad campaigns. Most of the Facebook video views come from mobile users with 65% of its users being mobile users most them are users that are scrolling through news feeds. 

Honestly, we are all tired of making efforts towards building a video for your social media campaign and not getting the results that we desire. There are more and more resources on how to pull off an effective Facebook ad campaign but only a few really help when it comes to getting the point across to the target audience. In this, we will try to cover as much as possible about Facebook ads and the five things that you should know in order to convert your FB video ad campaign into a success.  Before, that let us understand what Facebook video ads really are. 


Facebook video ads are a quick and easily accessible social media platform for organizations and individuals to carry out their promotion initiatives. They are paid advertisement options for users to place their ads on different pre-decided locations on Facebook.  Most of the Facebook video ads appear on the News Feed and Stories or in-stream. These ads are placed depending on the campaign preferences that you set while creating them. It can be done either from scratch or from an existing post consisting of an uploaded video. 

There are various requirements from Facebook that is to be complied with in order to upload a video or to build a video from scratch on Facebook.  With a huge audience consuming Facebook’s content daily, it has become even more important for us to create an ad that gets to the target audience. But without careful planning for your Facebook video ad campaign, you can find yourself in chaos.  


With more and more content to access, readers in today’s world of fast and easily accessible information are difficult to attract. It is difficult, not impossible. You can certainly achieve the results that you are planning to achieve through step by step planning of the video. There are a lot of options for marketers these days when it comes to Facebook Video ads for example Facebook Pixel is one such tool that allows you to place the code on your website to increase potentiality for remarketing giving you the possibility to track possible leads and creating audiences. 

A typical Facebook video ad can be made following the steps below: 

  1. Go to Ads Manage
  2. Click on +Create which will take you to the options page and select the objectives that seem fit for your campaign. Click on Continue next 
  3. Choose a budget, target, and placements. Click on edit placements to specify where your ad may appear 
  4. For creating slideshow ads or to upload single images or videos choose the Carousal Option in the Formats section 
  5. Upload your video 
    Note: You can customize your video before uploading it by going to Customize Video option and then selecting the Crop option for selecting aspect ratio (4:5, 9:16, 1:1, or 16:9) following the guidelines prescribed by Facebook 
  6. Click on the Customize Video to select the thumbnail and then click on Apply changes 
  7. Confirm to publish the FB video ad 

5 Tricks to Create effective Facebook video ads

1. Keep it short and to the point  

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is to set the objectives straight and then creating a video that caters to those objectives. Facebook video ad size determines its level of engagement. The shorter the video, the more likely it is that it is engaging. 

According to research, shorter Facebook video ad sizes receive over 60% more engagement than lengthy ones. Try to keep your videos as short and concise as possible to increase their chances of engagement. It is recommended by Facebook to keep the length of Facebook video ad size limited to 15 seconds but try to keep it around 6 seconds max.  Users are mostly composed of individuals with shorter attention spans therefore to put your point across in less time becomes important. Using Call to Action texts in the video is one of the ways through which you can engage your viewer. 

2. Narrate it through a story or references 

Stories keep the viewers engaged and retain them for a given period. Therefore, it is important that you create videos that tell a story such that your viewers remain interested and there is increased engagement.  Videos should be made in such a way that it keeps the viewer engaged even without the audio. 

According to research, over 80% of videos on Facebook are watched without sound on. This is also where captions play a good role.  This also means scripting in a manner that can work without the need for dialogue. It is important that the story must not deviate from the purpose or the theme that the video is trying to convey. Stories or series also improve the probability of re-watching since they create better visual imprints and retention for viewers. Cultural references also play a great role in enabling viewer engagement adding personal touch and trust. One of the best examples can be seen in ads like  

3. Focus on the visuals: 

Well, thought-out visuals help in turning more focus on the video. They are the primary drivers of attention for any video. Using colors that are in line with the mood that we want to project is important. Visuals and stories turn heads therefore it is important for us to use tools at our aid to explain a story that is relatable to the target audience. Creating dynamic video ads is one way to engage your viewers. According to research on FB ads, Carousel ads are 10 times more likely to engage the audience compared to other forms. 

This includes using the carousel feature to create a series of short videos that together tell a story or series of lectures or sessions. If needed create your own visuals and illustrations like 360-degree videos. 

4. Shape it right: 

Uploading it in the highest resolution will not only make it look neat but also allow you to highlight visuals better. The best resolution for Facebook video ads is 1280x720p for Landscape and Portrait with maximum frames up to 30fps. It should be within the size limit of 4GB.   It is very important what resolution and aspect ratio you set to your Facebook video ad. It is suggested that for best results videos should be taller than 4:5 

5. Test and optimize 

Even after long grueling periods of editing the video, it can still be possible that some points of the objectives are left out. For that, it is important to test and optimize the videos. It is wise to test one element at a time to check how the response is.   

To sum it up, keep it short and to the point, Narrate it through a story or a reference, Focus on the visuals (don’t keep your content too verbose), Shape it right with correct resolution and aspect ratio, and finally, test and optimize your videos testing their response. These are some of the tips that you can follow to get more out of your FB video ads.

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