• January 28, 2020

The Importance of Brand Storytelling

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The Importance of Brand Storytelling


Stories are as ancient as human existence. They are an inherent part of our lives. Starting from the oral traditions, the cave paintings, and to the present scenario mediums such as radio, television, internet and printing press, stories have been the foundation of our evolution and have made us who we are.

In this digitally driven world, we can order groceries, purchase furniture, and work with clients, shop clothes, attend colleges without moving an inch. The Internet might give us comfort, convenience, and quick transactions, but we cannot deny that it is leading to a decrease in human contacts.

Enterprises need to avoid turning into faceless beings and rather opt for strategies that can connect with the audience as well as help drive engagement. The best way to accomplish this is through the approach of brand storytelling.

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For years, storytelling has been helping brands around the globe connect with their customers and increase brand loyalty. A crucial part of content marketing, storytelling is a beneficial technique that allows businesses to curate messages in the most engaging way that can help increase revenue as well as capture attention. Stories are appealing and capture the attention of anyone seamlessly. One of the prime reasons which makes storytelling a powerful tool for branding. 

What is brand storytelling?

Brand storytelling is all about expressing and sharing the story behind the brand through various mediums such as videos, posts, social media, etc. It helps induce an emotion with a brand. It isn’t just a narrative, but it is a way to explain why the brand exists; how it drives your values that reverberate across all communications. By following this approach, one can effectively increase brand awareness. 

 Storytelling empowers and leads to an increase in the audience, which is done by creating an emotional bond with them. The audience today is all into forming personal connections with brands. It helps open doors towards a broader target audience. 

Successful brand storytelling not only helps in reaching masses but even allows the consumers to know more about the brand. 

 Importance of Storytelling for Brands

Creating Unforgettable Brands

 The internet has made it easier for anyone to start their own business. These days, even teenagers can have their own venture with just a valid website and several social media channels. Brands can showcase their humane side by depicting a well laid out story and get the attention they seek for their brand. 

In this fickle-minded society, it’s hard to earn the trust of the consumers. A brand with a good story does enable the customer to trust in the content as well as the brand. Thereby leading to an unforgettable experience and association. 


Helps Build a Following


Currently, we all wish for powerful and huge following. As social creatures, we are all seeking trust through social validation 

Like, when our friends or family share with us regarding a café with great food or shop with gorgeous clothes, we believe it without even visiting the place. We also take this further by referring it to others as well. When we have a proper story to share, people are more fascinated and engrossed. This ensures one to be able to listen to what you want to express and follow your content. As the story adds any value, it instantly aids in turning a person into a follower. 

A Distinct Brand Identity

brSource: gbdesignstudio

With so many brands available in the market, it is quite easy to be forgotten or face difficulty in making a name for itself. There is so much clutter that if required, people might not even realise the existence of a brand. This is why we need a brand story. It is these stories that help the brand form its own individual identity. It helps a person remember and easily recall a brand without much effort. 

A Strong Connection with the Followers

 Humans are capable of a thorough analysis, along with making well-informed decisions. Thanks to our evolution, we are able to think and take steps based on that. The way we feel, love, and understand is fiercer than any other being. 

A story with a proper goal and purpose automatically helps create an emotional connection towards that brand. As we engage with the audience, it gives them a chance to comprehend the brand. A brand story that adds value to a potential consumer has higher chances of being bought. 

Creating Brand Awareness through a Purpose


Source: blueadz.com

Every story that we put out in the world shows our purpose. People can easily sense if it is for the sake of earning or not. Once they realise that the motive is money, they wouldn’t want to associate with you. 

It is indeed true that business is about making money, but one has to realise that this is secondary and is an aspect that is achievable in the long run. A brand shouldn’t forget that the focus has to be on offering immaculate value through its products/services. As the customers feel being cared for, the money will automatically start flowing. Once it starts caring about its customers, money automatically starts coming in. 


Consumers today are educated, knowledgeable, and careful. They are eager to know more about the brand, its features, where it comes from, and various other aspects. As a medium, storytelling is a fantastic chance to connect with the customer and be able to influence their decision to purchase or not. 

There is no one format or technique to share a brand story. It all depends on what approach one wants to take. With the capability to reach the consumer’s heart, connect with them, and to stay memorable is vital for any business. Companies, large or small, it applies to one and all. 

One thing that should always be kept in mind is that storytelling isn’t painting a beautiful picture but instead ensuring that the audience supports and understands your values and intentions. 

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog and keep following us for more such interesting blogs. 

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