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The importance of having the right logo (2022)

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The importance of having the right logo (2022)

Imagine a brand to be an individual, then what would be its logo? That person’s face. Yes, we see it everywhere. Logos are the littlest representation of brands. That’s why they’re important. As per Dictionay.com ‘a logo may be a graphic representation or symbol of a corporation name, trademark, abbreviation, etc., often uniquely designed for ready recognition.’ Recognition is the function of the brand. If you’ve got a brand then you’ve got to possess a logo. Let’s mention the way to turn business symbols into artistic logos.

These are the first reasons for having a logo


A logo is your brand’s identity within the market. Your logo (within a glance) reveals what your brand is about and what quiet business you are doing.


Recognizing one brand from another is so hard for patrons due to their sheer number. But if you’ve got a logo that’s not only attractive but also meaningful then customers will commit it to memory and recognize it whenever they see it.


Professionalism attracts customers, but first, they have to use your product once. The difference between good and bad logos is the message they provide about the professionalism of their brands. Once you have a top-quality logo, it tells customers about your values.

Purpose of the logos

Quick cognition

When a brand features a logo it’s easy to form the presence of the brand felt in the minds of consumers. Whenever you see a specific shape of an eaten apple, you recognize it as representing a brand worth $1 trillion. That’s the first purpose of a corporate logo, to form people to see your brand during a graphic presentation.

To Embrace customers

When your brand is new within the market, a customer may have various options for it. But a welcoming logo design can make them choose your brand or services. It tells customers about the character and importance of the brand. It’s not always necessary to form your logo welcoming, but it must have some attraction, and attraction comes from uniqueness.


Yes, your brand is often unique in terms of products and services but how are you able to tell that to customers? Through your logo design. A logo can reflect the individuality of a brand. Noble pillow’s logo shows that they create mattresses for ‘royalty’ through their logo. This visual message is tough to miss.

Brand Consistency

Brand logos have the aim of getting while relations with customers. Whenever a brand stays for several years, it doesn’t even need its name to be recognized. Facebook and General Electric are good examples here. You’ll make customers loyal to your brand by staying conversant with them through your logo. That’s why brands who change their logo over time do little changes within the older version rather than having a replacement design.


This is the last word purpose of the brand. You’ll use a logo everywhere, may it’s your mobile application, letterhead, product packaging, visiting cards, or billboard advertisements. Your logo can fit anywhere in any size. See how Kodak or Warner Bros. uses their logos across different platforms and is still recognizable.

Significance of logo design

We have established that logos are important, but we would like to worry that an honest logo design is even more important. Right proportions, colors, and other things can make or crack a logo. a nasty logo can make people shy away from your brand. an honest clever logo can make them interested. That’s why you ought to remember three points while choosing a logo design for your brand.

1) It is to be apt.

A logo isn’t just a spectacle. It must have some relevance to the business your brand is doing. check out the brand of Domino’s Pizza. it’s nothing to try with pizza. But the colors used for it convey strength and energy. Also, it’s unlike anything within the food & beverages market. So, it’s unique. Also, check out the Midnight Pizza logo, it takes up midnight craving sort of a wolf’s craving, and puts an outsized pizza rather than the moon, that’s an ingenious logo.

2) Striking

Your logo has got to be striking because we remember striking things easily. Typography, color, and shape are three basic elements of any logo design. a mixture of three gives you variations. Try them before finalizing, don’t hesitate to settle on something unconventional, because unconventional is usually striking. you’ll check out the logos of your market competitors to know what works for your quiet business.

3) Simple

Making it striking doesn’t mean it’s to be complex. Simple is gorgeous and powerful. Logos of massive brands have proven this again and again. Check out the logos of Apple, Nike, Microsoft, Pepsi, etc. all of them use minimal and straightforward designs and mostly one color. It’s not necessary to follow them, but bringing simplicity to the brand has another benefit also. If it’s simple then you’ll easily incorporate it into any quiet design with no complications.

There are some ways you’ll create your precious logo of which the simplest way is to use the golden ratio, a mathematical curve that will be a suggestion to your logo design.

You’ll have known it because of the Fibonacci sequence. Logos of Apple, Twitter, British Petroleum, Toyota, etc are made thereon principle.

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Examples of right brand logos

There is no single way of creating a logo right. It all depends on the market, culture, symbolism within the design, etc. But having some background research on famous logos can offer you some ideas about what to try  and what to not do.

Look at this logo of PayPal, where the abstract design is forming two Ps within the name and blue color is employed to suggest trust. the brand of Adobe also can be called an abstract logo where random cutting of shapes forms an invisible A.

Mascot logos are fun because they present a personality within the logo. Pringles have characters with mustaches and bow ties. KFC’s aged chef represents the tried and tested recipe of the brand. If you’re planning a food & beverages brand then mascot logos are often attractive as kids love them.

Some logo designs are so minimal that they use Abbreviations of their brand names. CNN uses it cleverly as letters look as if they’re made from one forward line. Also, check out the brand of Hewlett Packard which strikes asymmetry with slanted letters. One letter logos like those of Facebook and Pinterest also are exemplary.

Logos that have a vector graphic are called pictorial logos. Twitter, Playboy, Apple, MacDonald’s, etc uses pictorial logos but remember these sorts of logos are better used once you have an outsized population conversant in them, otherwise putting typography around it’s advisable. The logos of all the businesses mentioned during this article are samples of ideal designs for various sorts of companies.

Make your brand a limitless horse of the race

At the end of the day, it all comes down to how you present your content in a creative way and the way people grab information from it. Are you stuck in your design evaluation process? Need help? Brand Bucket is here to take any challenges!

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